Wednesday 23 December 2009

BFKKO Creates History

The BFKKO has always continued to evolve, yet has never rushed to copy any other body or organisation. Just last week Kerry-Louise, the president of the BFKKO showed how important it was to not only implement new systems within the BFKKO/WFKKO but to personally follow them.

Several months ago she invited Kru Leif Taggart to run the Black Falcon Thai club under the auspices of the BFKKO. He gladly accepted and formulated a full set training and grading procedures to run in line with the syllabus he had carefully devised.

Leif now has two Thai classes at the BFKKO Headquarters and a good number of students, Kerry-Louise was the first to sign up as she said it would help her with her K1 Rules training and it certainly has.

Just last week Kerry took the first ever Thai grading under the BFKKO after attending all the lessons and receiving private tuition every week by Kru Leif. Kerry-Louise has also being having regular private lessons off the one and only Mr Richard Smith of bad comany and such people as Mr Daeng and the man himself Chanoy.

Leif said " I was proud to grade Kerry in the style I also love as much as my K1, she is a very experienced lady and I obviously took into consideration her wealth of experience which meant she was well capable of the first two grades. She was examined for two and a half hours where she was marked on padwork technique, skill, fitness and stamina which also included her sparring and the traditional side of the art which I will never stop teaching as I believe it made me what I am today. I think the gradings are important in Thai also as it gives students targets and goals and teaches them clearly not just how to fight but to learn about the art and love and respect it. Kerry none suprisingly attained a very high mark and clearly passed her grading which means she has created history twice by introducing the art and then being the first person in the BFKKO to grade in Thai Boxing, well done I am very proud of your achievement in the club!"

It is also to be noted that Shaun Gray of Bridlinton Falcon also created history this year by being the first ever BFKKO member to fight under MMA rules in competition. MMA was introduced into the BFKKO this year and again has been very sucessful. It is fought under the amateur format and has been passed by underwriters of one of the top insurance companies after the directors implemented a full set of rules and safety procedures which were much welcomed.