Friday 26 March 2010

Congratulations to Student Kerry-Louise

Kerry-Louise is well on her way now in her Muay Thai study and grading. She is attending seminars and private lessons all over the UK along with private tuition off the resident Instructor at Black Falcon Thai Dinnington, namely Kru Leif Taggart.

Although Kerry-Louise and Leif are regular training partners away from their Muay Thai study and Kerry being a 5th Dan in Karate and a 5th Degree in Kickboxing and K1 style, with a Masters degree and Chief Instructor status to the BFKKO she is adamant that she will achieve the ultimate of Kru grade in her new style and fully respects that she needs to follow the grading structure from the beginning from her instructor Leif.

Today she successfully attained an "A" class pass at Blue Khan and was very pleased with herself. She said....
" I love the Muay Thai training and all the history behind the style, I also love it that its my own thing away from everything else I do. I am very pleased with my result today but I do work hard for it. I hope me showing a willingness to grade for my lower grades in another style will serve to motivate my own students and show them that we are all still learning no matter what other experience or Word titles we hold"