Tuesday 20 April 2010

Times move on again with the BFKKO

What a fantastic weekend of MMA and Russian Sombo at the BFKKO headquarters!
On Saturday 17th April nearly thirty people met to train and exchange ideas in MMA. The idea was for WAKO GB and BFKKO/WFKKO qualified coaches to deliver a 3 hour seminar in a variation of skills.

Above, some of the participants on the day.
During the session the new line of amateur and professional MMA gloves designed by Master Cris Janson-Piers were tested and received a great vote of confidence.

After the session the executives of the BFKKO met to discuss a new copyrighted programme of "Combined Martial Arts" for children, a brand new and exciting system!

The session finished off with a sparring session where people could showcase their skills and also try out new methods they had learnt on the day!

Another fantastic seminar delivered by one of the countries leading Organisations!!!!