Thursday 10 June 2010

What a fantastic course!

Just a brief run down for everyone as I  know you are all eager to know how our 5th year at La Santa (Lanzarote) has gone! Well as expected....A1 and MORE!!!!

A brilliant effort by all.... Shirley Creasey after her injury this year and nearly another year on from her 21st Birthday (Ha ha) still managed to show that she is in for the long haul...
Dale Mathie and Katey Adams showing young guns can remain strong and keep up with the best!

Kerry-Louise n Leif Taggart were looking in good shape in training for their up and coming fights. The high altitude benefits will be apparent we are sure.

Matching punch for punch and kick for kick any opponent better be ready.
Whilst everybody from the UK enjoyed themselves it was also nice to see the Dutch, Netherlands and America taking a keen interest in the week long course. It has been so successful Cris and Kerry-Louise have been re-booked for 2011 already.
Also 2011 may see a week long MMA course and a beginners kickboxing course in other countries.

Cris seen here above, teaching Katie Price from the USA.
Guest instructor Professor David terry, assisted by his wife Del' delivered a superb one day Ju Jitsu/self defence seminar also....

To finish off a hard week the participants and families, including the children were treated to a half day of activities, athletics and swimming....this included....cycling around the mountains and volcanoes, running on the Olympic surface running track, high jump, long jump and shot put etc.

Bring it on for next year!