Monday 24 January 2011

BFKKO GB Squad 2011

Saturday 22nd and 23rd January 2011 were the two trial dates for the “ELITE” BFKKO GB squad trials.
The BFKKO is a very corporate Organisation who pay particular attention to quality and integrity. They support many many martial arts within the organisation including the ones which form part of the trials, being: K1 Rules, Kickboxing, Low Kick, Light Contact Kickboxing, MMA, Kick Jutsu, Submission Grappling, Gi Grappling, Points Karate, Forms and Weapons. These are further supported by heads of departments in Chinese, Japanese, Korean through to the Westernised martial arts.

All in all this means the BFKKO open their doors to many people of the highest standard who are keen to represent their country. They are involved heavily in their own organisation competitions and professional fight nights as well as being part of WAKO and following their circuit also. Each year the BFKKO squad also attend the WOMAA World Games and have done for the last 6 years.

Why this one in particular? Because the president and the senior executives are more bothered about the athletes than money, it remains friendly whilst being very professionally and strictly run!

They have over 400 categories in 2011 and these will increase again in 2012 once the trial categories of K1 Rules and Full Contact have been fully accepted. These competitions have been run all over the World and in some beautiful places. One of the main interest in this competition for the members and families of the BFKKO is it involves children at the highest level and it also caters for children and adults at what is termed “Underbelt” level, this catering for students who have been training for less than 1 year!
There is a medal and special awards ceremony every year which is incredible and some of the special awards and prizes are out of this world.
Last year saw the start of What the World President said was to be WOMAA being featured in all 4 parts of Great Britain, which has indeed created even more interest from the BFKKO and it’s members. This means squad members are assured that the World Games will be nearly on their doorstep for the next three years. Ireland promoted it last year, this year Cardiff Wales, in the Olympic Year it will be England and finishing off in Scotland before another trip abroad will be needed. So “The World is the fighters oyster” as they say!

This years trials had to be held at two venues on separate dates due to the massive size of the squad! In February even more time and size will be needed as it is expected there will be a turn out of at least 130 judging by the attendees of nearly a hundred this time and the people who officially and for good reason couldn’t make the 1st trial. Missing the second trial will mean people will miss out on the next three WOMAA games. Because all the competitions are in the UK, the squad (Apart from complete up and coming fighters and Underbelts moving up will be selected) will be selected through til 2013 off these trials before it’s opened again. Squad members will still trial each year to keep their positions.
Anyone dropping below standard will not be placed. Again showing the strictness and expected quality of the BFKKO team.
The trials this year have already shown we have some major talent coming through the ranks and with at least 4 of the top BFKKO clubs yet to add their trailers in February it promises to get even better! The officials and selected coaches ensured both trials run extra smoothly and efficiently, thank you! We had a guest star in Gary Sandland (World Kickboxing Champion) who attended with one of his own up and coming fighters and Gary could do nothing other than offer praise at the standard laid before him.

The squad have already promised to show their winning ways in the two new trail sections this year in the K1 and the Full Contact and it is the BFKKO’s first time out with an MMA squad which has been preparing well and features some exceptional athletes who will cause upset to some of those who think they had it easy last year!!
The BFKKO Light, Kick Jutsu and Points fighters are known to be some of the best in the World and this year will be no exception!
When the red white and blue floods the arena this year it will not be for show, so be prepared!!
There are no individual entries to the World Games and everyone needs to be on an official squad, To be part of the BFKKO squad even if not members at the moment please contact Cris on 07973 748907.
Do not miss the February trial on 19th February 2011, to receive a trial registration form please email Cris at  
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