Tuesday 2 October 2012

Kerry-Louise and Parn (Parnpetch Sitpapohm), when they met prior to the Muay Thai officials exam of which she successfully passed along with Shane Lynch, Luke Farmer and Jordan Waring, all of the BFKKO/WFKKO.

Cris Janson-Piers said "I am so happy, we, as the BFKKO have entrusted the examining expertise of Mr Tony Myers of the IBMTO, which in turn has allowed our members to achieve passes at the highest of standards. The organisation will now continue to work with the IBMTO and the UKMF to raise the standards of Muay Thai
within it's ranks."
Kerry-Louise returned to the Falcon H.Q. and the teaching of the Black Falcon Muay Thai club she runs as Kru.