Sunday 11 July 2010

Fantastic Harthill carnival Demonstration.

Saturday 10th July 2010, location Harthill Nr Sheffield. Harthill yearly carnival was massively attended on one of the hottest days of the year!

The Falcon Fight Academy of Dinnington also representing the BFKKO was able to showcase all the styles it houses by means of an open air demonstration in the main arena. With a massive presence we at Falcon provided:
Kerry-Louise, 7 times World Champion, to officially open the carnival and then later judge the floats,
WINNERS Harthill School
followed by her being in the demonstration along with Glyn Smith, Jordan Waring, Leif Taggart, Molly Cooley, Sean Helders, Courtney Barrett, Cameron Helders, Luke Farmer, Dale Mathey, Tom Sheils, Katey Adams and Bradley Moore. Many thanks to all the parents who brought all the participants and also stayed to show their support!

So what was on offer from the Falcons on this hot and sunny Saturday?








The demonstration, (The team, as seen on television) was met with open arms by the massive audience in the open air arena and this generated a great interest in the classes available at the Dinnington gym especially with it being local to most of the days visitors.
People visited the Falcon Fight Academy stand prior to the demonstration but flocked in droves after it and showed great interest in many of the styles offered. 

All in all a fantastic day for all!!!