Monday 12 July 2010

Glyn Smith taking BFKKO/WFKKO and WAKO forward

Glyn Smith, Chief Instructor to the BFKKO is not only interested in taking his own students forward to higher levels and great achievements in the Kick Jutsu, Grapple and MMA game but he continues to attend the WAKO courses and examinations for officials and coaches to further his own level of qualification.

He endured hours of very hard physically demanding routines and exercises along with hands on theory work with John C Higo the director of WAKO MMA for Great Britain on Sunday 11th July at Leeds. Glyns attempt to attain this higher level qualification was very successful we are pleased to say!

He was involved in 

1. Spartan training for 1 hour including various strength excercises to strengthen core muscles and increase explosive power and they way to teach and pass this information on to the student/client.

2. MMA techniques/groundwork 1 hour going from standing to ground into various groundwork combo's working from rear into chokes/kimoura/arm bar etc etc.

3. 3/4 hour on a one to one basis with John C Higo showing Various drills related to MMA drop knee shoots and exercises to increase core strength and leg strength also increase mobility whilst on the ground.

We asked Glyn what he felt about the course:

"This was a great course and I took lots away from it to help bring MMA within the BFKKO on even further. We have a great system within our own organisation but knowing that the qualification which supports myself, the 
other BFKKO instructors and the Organisation itself has been initially introduced and governed by WAKO "The World Governing body for Kickboxing" gives us not only strength but confidence in what we do and what we pass on to others."