Wednesday 28 July 2010

There's just something about Ireland

.....and now we have even more reason to cross the water to the Emerald Isle!
The BFKKO/WFKKO are pleased to welcome their newest member in Chief Instructor Karl Edgington of County Mayo, Ireland who runs the Enigma Kickboxing club.
Leif and Kerry joined Cris on his week long trip where they trained everyday and Cris conducted two K1 seminars.
 Whilst Karl and his wife Anne looked after their every needs the guys caught up on some valuable training time and some personalised padwork off Karl himself. The Irish Kickboxing Federations President, Mr Joe Canning also paid a visit to one of Cris' seminars and expressed how impressed he was with it and especially the two students in Kerry-Louise and Leif, a great compliment!

Whilst the trip was planned as a training trip and one to build relations, it would have been rude not to have taken in the beautiful scenery and experienced further local hospitality!!!

Further trips have already been discussed plus the possibility of International competition. The "Fighting" Irish have a very high standard and have always displayed high skill levels.

Good luck to Karl who is shortly to open a brand new gym facility. It should prove to be a great hit with the locals as well as providing a central hub for the WFKKO's European activities!

Keep your eyes open for further news!