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Big FITE Live December 4th 2010

Big FITE Live  
December 4th 2010

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The show was held at the Lyric theatre on Dinnington main street, the very place the promoter Master Cris Janson-Piers used to fight himself. Sanctioned by WAKO Pro and BFKKO also.

The venue was sold out with a very dynamite atmosphere which you don’t get at many bigger an event.

First up was local Dinnington boy Bradley Moore, taught by Kerry and Cris at the Falcon Fight Academy, and his opponent Zak Glendinning taught by Multi World Champion Wes Fagan from NEKA. The fight was a 2x2 minute junior light continuous bout, both boys at only 13 years of age put on a great opening bout showing great skill that most adults would be proud to have. The fight was very close and the result announced as a unanimous decision to Bradley Moore.

 (Barry White Elite kickboxing)  v Wayne Russell (5 Elements) 3x2 minutes -67kg amateur full contact
Both fighters fought strong from the opening bell but Wayne was the more accurate technician the second round again both fighters fighting well and moving well but again the cleaner more accurate shots came from Wayne in the 3rd round Barry knew he had to work hard and he did but Wayne still had plenty of energy and matched him punch for punch and kick for kick.
Winner by unanimous decision Wayne Russell

Martin Dawes (JC kickboxing) v Darren Watson (5 Elements)  3x2 minutes + 91kg amateur full contact
Unlike most amateur super heavy weights both these guys had good movement and boxing skills with some good power attacks from both sides. The major power came from Martin but the accurate scoring techniques came from Darren. In the second round Darren continued to use good ring craft that kept him out of the way of a lot of Martins swinging hooks. Round 3 was action packed and pleasing to the audience but in the eyes of the judges there wasn’t a lot of scoring techniques from Martin
Winner by unanimous decision Darren Watson

Paul Graham (JC Kickboxing) v Ian Chester (NEKA)
A cagey start with good ring craft from Ian however the fight didn’t really get started as before anyone knew it Paul Graham received a standing count caused by a barrage of punches, he recovered but was soon down again and this time he failed to get up on the 8 count.
Winner by round 1 KO Ian Chester

Ashley Bray (Combat and exercise) v James Russell (Total Dojo) 5x2 minutes amateur WAKO K1 rules English title
A little bit of a scrappy start as the styles of the 2 fighters conflicted with each other however as it settled down James was the cleaner technician using good kicks and clinch skills.
Round 2 James had worked out Ashley and was working good evasions and counters some excellent clinch and knee skill was coming from James with no answer from Ashley
Round 3
James wanted to work the clinch but Ashley didn’t and he stopped James by forcing the referee to break them. James was by far the most dominant fighter in this round.
Round 4
James tried on several occasions to take Ashley’s legs from under him but with no avail. But It was clear that James was well ahead in the skills department.
Round 5
Ashleys movement around the ring kept him out of danger from a lot of James’ power shots but he didn’t land many of his own scoring techniques.
Winner by unanimous decision and new WAKO K1 rules English champion James Russell.

Stuart Roper (JC Kickboxing) v Richard Thomas (KMA) -86kg 3x2 minutes amateur FC
Richard Thomas was indeed the aggressor of the first part of the fight very strong attacks but luckily for Stuart he was also inaccurate, Stuart then came back with much of the same, the fight was scrappy and right at the end of the first round Richard took a standing count. Richard then failed to come out of his corner for the 2nd round and Stuart Roper was declared the winner.

Gareth Ford (Combat and Exercise) v Chris West (Mcr Cobras) -63.5kg 3x2 minutes Amateur FC
An action packed start from both fighters showing good attacking skill but little power however Gareth took a standing count early in the first round from a barrage of punches that took him down to 1 knee. The second round they had both stepped up on the power but it was Chris that was putting in the scoring combinations a good rally of boxing came from Chris right at the end of round 2. Chris’ confidence had flourished by the last round and he was able to use good ring craft and add a little flare to his fight.
Winner by unanimous decision Chris West.

Ros Wilson (Bristol) v Liz Warren (5 Elements) -56kg 3x2 minute amateur FC
The pace was set very highly both girls using good power hand and foot shot. Ros using her stopping kicks very well, it was a match between good kicker verses good puncher. Liz worked some good angles and Ros worked her ring craft very well. Both girls very fit and conditioned and both never laid off for a moment an excellent and very well matched fight but with a few more accurate shots from Ros Wilson, she was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Steve Wolstenholme (Falcon Fight Academy) v John Lee (Grimsby MA) 5x2 minute BFKKO British Amateur Title -75kg
A good opening round from both fighters good accurate shots from both sides john being the more aggressive accurate fighter but Steve had some of his own great shots, in round 2 John used basic techniques to give the “Whiplash” effect to Steve off a simple jab that worked on many occasions, however Steve pushed forward and gave John a few good hard shots accurate shots. In round 3 John had stepped on the gas and came out even stronger. John threw a solid right hand that his Steve and dazed him and the fight was over as he hit him with a body shot. The referee stops the contest in round 3 and New BFKKO Amateur British champion by KO John Lee.

Demonstration WAKO K1 rules  bout Jordan Waring (Falcon Fight Academy) v Regis Sugden (NMA)
This was a demonstration bout due to Regis and Jordan being in different age brackets both fighters put on a great  show and it was nice to see the quality of the up and coming fighters in the WAKO K1 rules system well done to both boys!

Kerry Louise (Falcon fight academy GB) v Natalie Van Niekerk (South Africa) 5x3 minutes -70kg WAKO PRO K1 rules Intercontinental Title
Winner Kerry-Louise Unanimous Points decision see main article below.

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