Thursday 16 December 2010

WFKKO BC Continuous Sparring Championship (Canada)

WFKKO BC Continuous Sparring Championship
The first tournament sanctioned by World Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing Organization (WFKKO) in Canada was held at Richmond Sports Club on November 27, 2010 and was a huge success.

Sensei Alireza Fadaie, the Canadian director of WFKKO was very pleased with the outcome of the tournament.” This tournament was all about friendship between the martial arts schools and giving opportunity to young fighters to test their skills against other fighters.” said Alireza Fadaie. “I always wanted to give an opportunity to young fighters, so their efforts would be recognized in a way they deserve.” This tournament was the pre qualifier for WFKKO western Canadian championship which will be held in 2011. The winners of that tournament will earn the right to join team Canada at World Martial Games 2011 which will be held at Wales on August 2011.
Alireza Fadaie who has been a member of Canadian national martial arts team in 2005 (Rosenheim, Germany) and 2008 (Castlebar, Ireland) says that the quality of competition is really high at World Martial Games and European fighters are really good at stand up fighting. “We definitely have to be ready for those Europeans if we want to win medals.”
The tournament could not be a success without the genuine and substantial support of owners, instructors and staff of Richmond Sports Club who made the event very organized and helped things to run very smoothly. UFC veteran Kalib Starnes who is a MMA instructor at the club had a special appearance in the tournament and kindly helped the judges.
The WFKKO BC championship was supported by some of the best schools of the lower mainland such as Suitela Fight Club, KB-One Martial Arts, Warriors Club, Golden Glory Martial Arts, Iron City Muay Thai, Harrison Boxing and Universal MMA. There were many other clubs which were not able to send fighters to this tournament for various reasons but are planning to do so for the next year tournament.
This is a new beginning for WFKKO in Canada. Alireza has been a member of WFKKO since 2001 and now is helping the organization expand internationally. 

“Cris has been a true friend all these years and i have always felt as a member of a family with WFKKO” says Alireza Fadaie. “ I am aware there might be bigger associations in terms of size but all they want is an annual membership fee and you never get the same attention from them. I am happy and proud to be a member of WFKKO and am looking forward to have team UK for a tournament here in Vancouver, Canada.”
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