Monday 6 December 2010

K1 Champion of the highest standard! Kerry-Louise

This is a quick press release until the full story and pics are available by the end of the week when hopefully they will appear in the Newspapers?

Kerrry-Louise steams ahead in the WAKO K1 Intercontinental  title fight held in Dinnington Sheffield this weekend gone! Full credit firstly goes to her opponent, a respectful and friendly girl in Natalie Van Niekerk who travelled all the way from South Africa to meet one of Great Britains top professional and hard hitting fighters. Van Niekerk, showed that when she entered the ropes she too had a different personality for the ring. She was focused and had COME TO FIGHT!

Led out by her own long time student Chris Blood who has just returned from a 2nd Afghanistan tour and received his Afghan medal last week, Kerry-Louise looked calm, collected and had that look of sheer confidence as she stood in a silhouette of flashing lights and smoke, the show was set......

In a fight which went the distance with the addition of bone bruising low kicks and knees, including all the boxing and kicking skills, both girls showed they were both mentally and physically prepared for the bout.
Kerry-Louise started as expected with a 30 second appraisal of her fighter to let coach “CJP” see how to handle the South African. With that out of the way Kerry-Louise moved it up into second gear to take the first round comfortably and with her opponents weaknesses now been assessed fully.
The second round went into 3rd gear with two levels left and again the home fighter was well in front at the bell.

It was plain to see that round 3 of the scheduled 5 x 3minutes was where Cris had planned for Kerry-Louise to move up to 5th and top gear. She came out and for the 3 rounds which remained and treated the whole Lyric Theatre to a display of sheer excellence.
Combination punches that would have stopped most fighters, kicks that would have downed a bull, straight singular shots which heard the audience oooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing with each bomb being unloaded.
Natalie rode the bombard of attacks and countered often with some good strong singular technique herself. But even with Natalies best it was plain to see that Natalie at nearly 6 foot tall and Kerry-Louise at only 5’5” that Kerry-Louise was built so strongly in both leg, shoulder and arm areas and as she moved in close this was where she was at the most dangerous.
This shot showing the massive muscular development and power of K-L

Kerry-Louise then turned up the pace again! Catching kicks, dummying and kicking through hard and low which saw Natalie taken to the canvas on several occasions. As the final round was called Kerry-Louise was sitting on a 4 round straight win and adding the 5th would give her a straight set and match!
Round 5 was perfection and Kerry-Louise just showed that the extensive fitness, stamina and bag/pad training, plus all the hours of ring sparring had paid off. Again Van Niekerk saw the canvas with a massive scoop and leg take down as the fight neared the end, the final 30 seconds was shouted from Kerry-Louises corner and she tucked up and went for gold.
The final bell rung and Natalie knew that as hard as she had fought and as much as she had defied the British fighter of putting her down and keeping her down that the victory and beautiful solid Brass and leather title belt was going to be placed around Kerry-Louises waist! It was and Natalie showed her professionalism and true sportsmanship again by placing the belt around her opponent.

Tears of jubilation from Kerry-Louise and both her Mum, Dad, Brother, Grandad and Aunties showed how tense the fight had been for all of them, but it was now over and just leaving long time coach and partner Master Cris Janson-Piers as one of the UK’s top trainers, managers, coaches and promoters to now enter into talks to secure the World Crown in 2011 hopefully?
Both Cris and Kerry-Louise would like to thank all her training partners and close friend Shane Beard for his time along with other coaches who they have a great relationship with and work in unison with, namely Mr Richard Smith of Bad Co, Paul Powers SDF and Internationally with Arnaud Mimouni France and their very dear friends in Ton and Robin Vriend in Holland where the two visit as much as they can every year!
Kerry-Louise also has a thai Background and now trains with Kru Leif Taggart and is presently a purple Khan. Major influences here are all the staff at S.Vorapin Gym Thailand and also Channoy of Thailand who needs no introduction, Kerry-Louise was personally and highly praised by this major name and champion within his sport as he trained her privately on several occasions this year.
One main character who has influenced both Kerry-Louise and Cris himself, who has tirelessly worked with Kerry-Louise on the pads and sparred with her in the ring is K1 Multi World Champion Ernesto Hoost! So from “Mr Perfect” as Hoost is called….”Miss Perfect” has hailed, thank you sir! Respect to you!!
Full story and pics to be released real soon and very shortly a show real of the lady herself with footage that people have never seen whilst she has always been hid away in her climb to the ultimate goal. Kerry has won a World title in every style she has ever trained in and left the full contact scene as WAKO Pro World Champion also. Although the WAKO World title looks very interesting the mere fact that Intercontinental means anyone from any of the continents in ANY part of the World means Kerry-Louise had put herself on offer to anyone anyway, leaving the word “World” as a mere statement but another opening for her to have another fantastic title fight in 2011, which will again be local so all her supporters can go and watch.
Thank you also goes to Kerry-Louises personal sponsor (Who as always remains anonymous) without his help the fight would have not gone ahead because of the expense and the economic climate at the moment.
Sponsors All sports International who keep Kerry-Louise in tip top shape in supplying her with all her sport/food supplementation needs.
Sponsors Pentagon Toyota.
The Full show DVD and pictures of all fight on the night are available from Cris Janson-Piers, please contact him after Wednesday 8th December to enquire how to obtain these!

WAKO Pro GB Press  Office
Professional Photography by J Vernon