Sunday 26 December 2010

Cris' book is to be published in 2011

Knowingly to some of you long time students and martial artists, CJP has been compiling his book now for several  years and was advised when it was first written not to publish it by a very knowledgeable source and this has now proven to have been good advice.

Not only did his own life change but the sport has evolved beyond recognition.

The book was actually finished in November of this year 2010 as the last word hit the last page.

As Cris will be 50 years old in 2011 it has been decided that the book will now be held in print until his birthday and it can then be released at such an important milestone in his life.

What are we in for????

The book will cover Cris' long and hard life and career and how and why he moved on from fighting to teaching and coaching. Some of the hard decisions he has had to make not just for himself but for others. The book then goes from a topical view to a technical view and becomes a "must have " for all aspiring and experienced martial artists alike.

There will be:
Training Programmes from beginner to advanced
Eating Programmes
Specialised articles on certain topics within martial arts.

Along with a great foreward and some fantastic testimonials by well known martial artists, including some of the International and World Champions he has trained and professionally managed over the years this book will provide the reader with a valuable reference manual no matter what level they are.

The book already has had people ordering when it was publicised last time and this is still possible, just contact Cris at  

Prepared to be informed, educated and to take that step just a little further on in this never ending circle of life!