Sunday 21 November 2010

Back with a Bang! An Understatement!!!!!

“Back With a Bang”, The show featured by Jez Hall at Kesteven sports centre at Lincoln on Saturday 20th November 2010 was exactly what it stated!
With a great line up of local fighters of all ages pitched against from fighters all over the country, 

Jez, no stranger to top flight shows and match ups was hosting somewhat of a 4 way equation super fight! Why!!?
Cris Janson-Piers the President of WAKO Pro and also the principal Director to BFKKO who are direct members of WAKO manages professional fighters on a daily basis. Cris, up until recently managed Chris Deakin and still managed Ryan “The Hammer” Hamer until his retirement last week. To add to these two Cris still manages Lee Morgan and Aaron Robinson.
So what does this mean? Deakin at -69kg Hamer at -67kg Morgan at -67kg and Robinson who can fight anywhere around 67-69kg all on the same books means it was a managers nightmare. The recent retirement of Hamer now means the WAKO Pro British -67kg title is now available. Deakin is still the holder of the WAKO Pro -69.1kg British title. (Morgan was narrowly defeated in an epic battle against Deakin a few years ago, when from different camps, again for the WAKO Pro British title). Wez Fagan at the same kind of weight is also on the White Scorpion Management books ( but is contending at World level now.
After long talks and some great understanding off both camps it was decided that Robinson and Morgan should meet!  
It was decided by Jez Hall who is a senior member and executive of the BFKKO that the two fighters should meet for the -69kg BFKKO British title and the winner it was agreed by WAKO Pro should then have the right to offer and contend the vacant -67kg WAKO Pro British title. (Maybe this result will motivate Deakins new camp to feature the long awaited rematch of Deakin v Robinson which was another “to the line” WAKO Pro -69kg title fight a few years ago!)
The stage was set and the fight was to be contested over the normal 7 x 2 minute rounds set by WAKO Pro. With two great fighters and two great coaches in the corners in Cris Janson-Piers and Shawn Burton, this was promised to be an electrifying bout from the off and it was!
With an expected “feeling out period” first round, fighters and coaches alike made their adjustments at the end of the 1st. The fight just grew and grew in strength agility and skill round by round. Both fighters had their fair share of cracking punch combinations which also resulted in both guys being physically shaken for a short period of time. However due to their experience and condition they both managed to wear the storm.
Robinson was hunting down and trying to break through with the big shots whilst Morgan carefully picked away at Robinson with distance techniques and moved the ring with ease.
A very close fight was now in hand, Robinson may have been getting favoured due to his slightly more powerful shots and that he was always on the forward move. But Morgan was relentless and his work load  in response just seemed to increase.
Both fighters looked slightly labored in round 6 but in round 7 like true champions they stepped it up a notch and ended this 7 round thriller with some great toe to toe stuff knowing they both needed the last.
As the final bell rang out, both fighters raised their arms aloft, again showing even they knew it was close but both believing in the win.

The bout, like all the other bouts was officiated by WAKO Pro on behalf of the BFKKO who regularly use WAKO Pro officials due to their reputation for fairness and superb professionalism. It was close, the crowd waited…………..the MC took the microphone and announced the winner in the Red corner and it was to be……….Robinson!!!! The home crowd exploded and this was certainly the Bang Jez Hall and the people of Lincoln had been waiting for!
Morgan fastened the belt around Robinsons waist as a sign of respect, fighters and coaches alike met in the ring in agreement that this one of the top fights seen for some time!
So now Aaron Robinson is hungry to fight again, he can contend the promised WAKO Pro title or take a defence of his British….the door is open, now it is just needed for someone to take up the offer.
Although this fight was a monster, the rest of the coaches and fighters on the night cannot be ignored. Well known faces included such as Chris Kent of Kicks, Shawn Burton of Lincoln, Alan and Tyler Shakespear, Kerry-Louise, Lee Swaby and the rest. Not forgetting every fighter and notably little “Victor” what a star and voted by many as the fighter of the night!
Cris Janson-Piers is keen to receive challenges from reputable camps with fighters who can step up the mark and face Robinson who he stated “Is on fire!”

WAKO PR photographs of several fighters are available!