Monday 1 November 2010

The Uprising Sat 30th October 2010 Promoted By Wesley Fagan of NEKA

Wesley Fagans name is no stranger to anybody in the World of Kickboxing, this Multi World Kickboxing champion is usually “hitting” the headlines somewhere regarding his latest elite performance. Well there’s no change there today apart from it’s for another reason.

Wez started promoting this year and has already proven that his attention to detail and his care for the children within his responsibility is A1….he has just received the first ever WAKO Pro GB “Gold Star Promoters Award” which signifies excellence and of which he will be able to proudly display at his club.
Wez became a member of the BFKKO/WFKKO ( over a year ago and is now managed professionally by Master Cris Janson-Piers where together they have already notched up another World title for the man! Now his members are to benefit by having training and coaching courses delivered to help NEKA become an even stronger and elite force within the kickboxing community of GB.

Members also have the benefit of WAKO GB and WAKO Pro GB and its facilities as the BFKKO and WFKKO like many other organisations now work heavily with them and promote regularly alongside the World Governing Body.
The qualities and attention to detail was very obvious on the night of the 30th October. WAKO Pro GB had sent all their top class officials and their head of their medical cover to ensure that every fighter, especially the children were safe at the request of Wesley.

The fight matching was excellent on the night, however it was NEKA who may have looked as the underdogs as they fielded fighters against others clubs who had more experience. They all rose to the challenge a fought like true warriors and some on there first fights looked well schooled, but with Wez Fagan as coach and in your corner then it sometimes expected of you!
There were too many credible fights and fighters on the night to mention them all individually but we shall mention the champions.
Morgan Guest (Winner) v Zach Glendinning -41kg BFKKO Cadet Area Title
A majority points win to Morgan, although Zach just kept on coming forward it just wasn’t enough in a very close fight where one judge awarded him the win. Morgan was clean and strong and it maybe just this that clinched him the fight.

Glenn Colman (Winner) v Dean Petty -71kg BFKKO Amateur English Title
In a very clean fight Glenn looked comfortable but Dean Petty seemed to be the aggressor, the fight scoresheets showed only a few points had swayed the judges. Yet another fight which was so close to call.

Chris Lovell (Winner) v Mark Barton -81kg BFKKO Amateur British Title
This fight started with a knockdown each in the 1st round and of course immediately got the attention of the whole crowd especially as Mark Barton was the local homeboy. Both fighters give their all and it was clear to see that they had put that much in they were starting to tire. With fighters of this caliber it is so dangerous because even when tired the punching power is still there and this is exactly what had happened as Lovell dropped Barton to the canvas again in the 4th and the ref waived the fight off. Both fighters showed great sportsmanship with Mark still managing a smile and Chris saying” Oh god, that is the hardest I have ever been hit!” I guess this will also make Chris feel he definitely deserves the title.

The photos in this blog only represent a little of the action and we are sure you can see the quality of the fighters from them. An equal representation of every fighter has been shown in the official BFKKO Photo show which will be available very very shortly.
Well done to Wesley and all the team who helped on the day from door staff, security, runners, officials, photographers, video and of course the fighters and coaches who came together from all groups and organizations to give the public exactly what they had paid for ……….ENTERTAINMENT!
Lets not forget the Dance troop and of course the DIVAS!! 4 top little females from NEKA who gave a wicked demonstration of padwork and ring craft!!
A few more action pics: