Monday 29 November 2010

NEKA and Wez Fagan and his students. A credit to the BFKKO.

Wez Fagan hosted a full day of martial arts especially brought to NEKA in Stanley by the President of WAKO Pro GB and principal Director of the BFKKO. Master Cris Janson-Piers.

Cris teaches 10 formats/disciplines and today it was Full Contact he was catering for.

With a great turn out for both courses the 1st session took just over 2 hours with the coaching and seconds course taking nearly 4 hours. The BFKKO standards are exactly the same as WAKO as Cris himself is also the Chief Examiner for WAKO and sets all the courses and test papers.So no stone is left unturned and hence why the BFKKO and WFKKO's standards are LITERALLY "second to none!".

There was a ringcraft course within the sparring course, which was also part of the coaching course combined.

Kerry-Louise was also in attendance and it was great for others to train with her, she was also seen training prior to the course as she has to prepare for her up and coming Intercontinental Title fight.

The results to the written examination and certificates will be presented at the club in the following few weeks.

Well done to all, especially Wez who has worked so hard to develop such a strong club within his local community.