Monday 15 November 2010

Grimsby Martial Arts Academys event, outstanding success under WAKO and BFKKO sanctioning

Andy Allenby and Mick Blythin of Grimsby Martial Arts  promoted a fantastic evening of Kickboxing and K1 at the Beachcomber Club at Grimsby on Sunday 14th November 2010.

Both WAKO and the BFKKO were involved in helping these two professionals bring top flight entertainment to the Town. The event run so smoothly, mainly due to Mick and Andy working hand in glove with CJP and the strict but fair procedures of WAKO and the BFKKO.

Not only did the locals have chance to see how they faired in the ring but Marco Mastrorocco (WAKO Italia) and Alexis Bolsunovs (WAKO Latvia) brought several of their students to see how they faired, so even though most of the fighters were novices it meant the show had an International feel to it with both coaches being champions for their country in the past!
Left to right: Marco Mastrorocco Italy, Lorenzo Miglietta, Edgars Dreikalis, Alexis Bolsunovs Latvia

Jordan Waring and Leif Taggart also had chance to show off their skills after returning from their successful trip to Holland where they fought K1. This was only after they had spent the evening judging and Jordan taking up one of his new trained skills in kickcounting for WAKO.

BFKKO and its members are so proud to be members of WAKO and support it fully, it opens up a whole new World of competition and qualification for officials under the World Governing Body of the highest standards.
Chief Sanctioning officer CJP, British Champion Jordan Waring C class Kick Counter 
World Champion Leif Taggart B Class Judge 
World Champion Kerry-Louise "A" Class International Judge and referee (Top table).
Also in attendance was: Phil Dews "A" Class International Judge and Chief Referee for 
Luke Farmer "A" class Judge.

Once again, thanks to Mick and Andy, a tremendous effort and all your hard work paid off gents!! There were some great bouts with great action, some great fight matching and every bout was won on a unanimous decision showing the judges and WAKO's exacting standards win over yet again.