Wednesday 10 November 2010

K1 Rules in Holland A* Performance off both Jordan & Leif

Going to Holland, the home of K1 to train is a daunting experience with even the intermediate student being of a very high standard. To have the opportunity to fight out there under K1 rules was just something else.
Jordan Waring and Leif Taggart from the Falcon Fight Academy trained by Cris Janson Piers, both fought Dutch opponents in a very well organised and prestigious event. 

The evening began with the younger fighters putting up very clean and professional fights and kicking off the 26 scheduled bouts!
After warming up in the changing rooms whilst brushing shoulders with Ernesto Hoost, who was warming his fighter up, It was Jordan’s turn to get the gloves for the blue corner and prepare for his fight and as his fight music began he walked out to a very kind crowd no jeering or booing just people wanting to see a good fight. This was Jordan’s 3rd K1 rules fight and his 1st outside the UK. The Dutch fighter was strong, very strong and gunned straight for Jordan’s head with a barrage of punches, this forced Jordan into working from the off.

 This was 2x2 minute bout being as Jordan had been assessed as an “N” class fighter, so there was no “feeling out” stage it was straight to work. The first round was strong from both fighters but the Dutch fighter took the round. In the second we saw a more composed and confident fight from Jordan working good leg and hand combinations which zapped the energy from the Dutchman. Jordan tagged his opponent with a fantastic spinning back fist and got one back immediately as a bit of a statement. The last round was Jordan’s and the judges as he pushed relentlessly showing that all the hard fitness and conditioning work the Falcon coaches administer does work! Jordan hit his opponent with damaging leg kicks and punches which made his fighter buckle a few times. With a clear round a piece it was a fair call when the ref awarded a draw.
The Main event involved two “A” class fighters both from Holland, the atmosphere was             electric ...both fighters took and gave some awesome power shots but both were highly conditioned and the fight went the distance with the result fairly going to the away fighter. This also showing that the results and decisions were, again very fair.
It was then the turn of Leif Taggart fighting scheduled 3x2 minute fight. Both fighters looked confident as the referee had his pre fight talk. 

Taggart was going to have to do a lot on home turf to get the decision, hence why he and coach Cris, had been working on KO techniques and combinations for weeks prior to the big match. The fight started with a short period of feeling  each other out and it was Leif who started the attack with a great hand- leg combination with no reply from his fighter. 

The Dutch fighter was typically strong with his legs but Leif’s speed was too much for him to cope with. When Leif allowed him to start the attack he was good and aggressive but it only happed once as Leif controlled the first round. The second round was the same as the first Leif’s ring craft and powerful jabs kept his opponent from landing much. After 2 strong jab a big kick a spinning back fist which swung past his head and a final round kick to the body the Dutch fighter went down on 1 knee and was counted by the referee and didn’t make the 8 count the fight was waved off 1 minute into the 2nd round and Leif was declared the winner by KO. 

A superlative win and an incredible performance by the two British fighters and coaching team, which also included World Champion Kerry-Louise.
Both Cris and Kerry of Falcon Fight Academy were elated with a draw and a win. As Cris stated earlier “I would even be happy with 2 draws in Holland”. The team have certainly stamped their mark firmly in the home of K1.
Cris has been asked to feature some K1 Rules highlight events in the UK next year at which he has jumped at the chance. Holland have agreed to send over fighters to compete on a regular basis.
This will serve to test our fighters here in the UK and can only improve them! Keep your eye on the news for the 1st event.