Tuesday 26 January 2010

MMA is proving a big hit at the Falcon

BFKKO Club, Falcon Fight Academy strives to evolve at a pace at which will cope with the everyday changes within the field of martial arts and recently it saw the growing demand for MMA.
The centre already offered Kick Jutsu (A gi'd grapple, strike and take down style), which it has done for 25 years plus and also K1 Rules kickboxing and Thai Boxing, so the transition to MMA with "NO Gi" looked a great option.

It's not as simple as just putting a pair of shorts on and that's it!! Theres the move over to the cage from the ring or mats, there's a whole new world of groundwoork and then fighters conditioning themselves and also preparing to meet fighters who may have come from different styles or disciplines.
The Falcon Instructors now all train alongside Mr John C Higo, the Director of MMA for WAKO, the largest martial arts organisation in the World and the World Governing body for Kickboxing. During their training they have the knowledge of so many of the countries top exponents including Gracie Bara Instructors.
Falcon Chief Instructor, World Gold medallist at Kick Jutsu, Glyn Smith now runs the club from the centre and it is very sucessful and is even now starting to attract the ladies. (Two of our young ladies even trained alongside Lisa Higo World MMA Champion and TV Celebrity just last weekend).

Cris Janson-Piers, centre owner said "I haven't got much option, I have a large office and store room at the gym, but very very shortly it looks like the walls coming out and the Cage guys will get their own way. I intend to put a cage wall in and fully mat that area so the guys can train even when our other classes are on.

If the demand is there then I am happy to go forward with this. Also I am keen to have a small area dedicated to strength and conditioning. We already run fitness and stamina circuits which have attracted local rugby and cricket teams! The gym is a hive of activity and is very successful. We have World Champions in every style at the gym and I am hoping that in a few years time we may have an MMA World Champ if not!

Go to our web site at www.falconfightacademy.co.uk to see the class timetables and al our other info"

Saturday 9 January 2010

Friday 8 January 2010

Fight Nights to "HIT" Dinnington!

Simply click on this link to see what the Guardian Newspapers have reported on this!


2010 is going to rock!!!