Tuesday 20 April 2010

Congrats to Kez!

Well done Kerry-Louise who has just successfully attained her Blue Khan in Muay Thai. A great grading once again.
Great preparation for your up an coming K1 bout also.

The search is on!

Kick Jutsu
Light Continuous
Musical Forms

The BFKKO is just about to start trials for the WOMAA World games to be held in Ireland in August 2010.....call back soon for more information!!!!

Times move on again with the BFKKO

What a fantastic weekend of MMA and Russian Sombo at the BFKKO headquarters!
On Saturday 17th April nearly thirty people met to train and exchange ideas in MMA. The idea was for WAKO GB and BFKKO/WFKKO qualified coaches to deliver a 3 hour seminar in a variation of skills.

Above, some of the participants on the day.
During the session the new line of amateur and professional MMA gloves designed by Master Cris Janson-Piers were tested and received a great vote of confidence.

After the session the executives of the BFKKO met to discuss a new copyrighted programme of "Combined Martial Arts" for children, a brand new and exciting system!

The session finished off with a sparring session where people could showcase their skills and also try out new methods they had learnt on the day!

Another fantastic seminar delivered by one of the countries leading Organisations!!!!

Monday 5 April 2010

News Just In!!!

Greg Darmon has been accepted to fight for a WAKO Pro World title!!!!

Fresh off the back of his WFKKO European Pro title Darmons management have already clinched the deal for him to fight for a WAKO Pro World title.

Hopefully this will be featured in Gregs hometown again, that's something for the locals to get excited about.

Congratulations to Greg Darmom

Greg Darmon Lifted the roof in his hometown of Sleaford on Saturday 3rd April 2010.

Photo by www.kickboxingphotos.co.uk
Greg, who has a list of titles as long as your arm and is Kickboxings Mr "Nice Guy" went the distance over 10 rounds with a very creditable opponent in Damien Mimouni of France for the WFKKO European Professional Full Contact Kickboxing Title.

In a good hard fight Greg kept digging the heels in as the Frenchman was not going to ease up. The crowd were behind Greg 100% and it was surely this which helped raise his game. Mimouni came back strong in round 3 and 4, but after Greg landed a shot which physically wobbled his opponent in the 5th he went through the latter rounds strong and always looking to have that edge.

The final bell rang out and as Gregs arm was raised there was a rapturous applause and the after party started that minute!!!!!

Call back soon for a fantastic bit of news! Its just whilst Greg is celebrating and is not answering his emails or texts, we cant tell him or release the info!
Can we finish by thanking the fantastic French team for all their efforts in coming over and contending this fight, you were very professional in every way and a pleasure to deal with.
Also the home crowd should be commended who rose the atmosphere to bursting but stayed very polite and friendly....a great show of sportsmanship by all in attendance.

Greg is managed by  www.whitescorpion.moonfruit.com  (Fight Management)