Sunday 9 September 2012


Saturday 9th September 2012 saw Mr Tony Myers conduct a Muay Thai Officials course exclusively for members of the BFKKO at Falcon Fight Academy. A fantastic day, where experienced officials in other styles right through to total beginners were in attendance.
It wasn't long before the complexity of Muay Thai scoring/judging became apparent.

The BFKKO has created a name of very high standards in it's over 30 years of existence and strongly believes in taking the correct steps and measures to make sure any styles within it's accepted systems are governed and judged properly for all involved.
Tony passed on information that was not only beneficial to up and coming officials but also to fighters too. Kerry-Louise is to embark on another new direction in fighting within Muay Thai after receiving her Kru grade in the art and has been working hard at putting fight scoring technique into her armoury with coach Cris Janson-Piers , which will hopefully favour her in the judges eyes in her up and coming bouts. 
Kerry said "I am keen to travel down to Tony again to train with him on a one to one basis as he is a fantastic coach and because he is a top authority in the full game and a specialist where judging and refereeing is concerned, this is why I know all he teaches me will be productive when I am being judged by others".
Martin Wheatley seen here clarifying final pointers before taking the Muay Thai official Assessment.
This was another groundbreaking day in the history of the BFKKO and many people benefited from the expertise of Tony Myers, thank you sir!