Monday 24 May 2010

BFKKO Fighters asked to do DEMO at the NEC

Our elite WAKO K1 Rules fighters were asked to do a demo at the Martial Arts Show at the NEC Birmingham  on Saturday 22 May, what a fantastic job they did.
As an outsider it would have been hard to tell that these were Demos as the pace was fast and strong! Very proud of you all and thank you for representing us all so professionally!

Team members L to R: CJP, Luke Farmer, Kerry-Louise,Leif Taggart, Jordan Waring, Ben Fahey, Karen Dews, PhilDews.

GB Team for Ireland Selected 2010

Sunday 23rd May saw the selections for the BFKKO Team GB, which will travel to Killarney Ireland for the WOMAA World Games.

The full squad will be named very shortly along with its brand new Team Captain.

Well done to all trialers

Tuesday 4 May 2010

How nice is this comment!

Andy Olsen 
What a testiment to yourself the article featured below this passage is, the organisation and the people mentioned within it..
From the moment we first spoke on the phone putting the charity event together which we arranged, I've known associating with yourself and the BFKKO would be immeasurably beneficial to James and I. So many others, instructors and students, feeling the same way has no doubt been a huge factor in the growth of this wonderful organisation.

Monday 3 May 2010

There's NO holding these people back!!

Success through the Recession!


Whilst other types of businesses have failed through the long recession torn months it just goes to prove that martial arts , which is a popular past time here in the UK has not suffered. My clubs certainly haven’t and on talking to other martial artists I here the very same.

Indeed one of my original students, Tim Niblett who was 11 years old when he joined me now has two children of his own and is just about to open his own full time Martial Arts studio!!
Tim says he has trained in so many martial arts over the years and recently obtained a qualification in MMA under the World Governing Body for Kickboxing like may other BFKKO Instructors. He believes this just gives him another opportunity to pass on to his students. He says it’s the variation which keeps his students coming back.
Now he intends to make his full time studio work after leaving a full time job!!

In this, short blog we here from several other instructors who have taken their students that one step higher and retained their members throughout the upheaval.
Here are some personal statements:
5 Elements has had a fantastic year growing in all areas including Kickboxing, MMA and Kung Fu.

MMA is going to be a huge success at the school and we have taken on Fergus Dullaghan a 3rd Dan International Judo player who was ranked 4th in the UK (British judo's World Class Performance Program) and has remained consistently in the country's top ten ranked fighters since October 2006 he is also a Blue Belt under Robin Gracie. Tony has attended the WAKO MMA coaches course with John Higo and Fergus is going in May. We are currently awaiting the delivery of the cage wall at our full time gym and recently attended the BFKKO inter Club MMA seminar and competition.

We took a huge jump this year and are working closer with the BFFKO having adopted the kickboxing grading syllabus moving from the WKA syllabus we used in the past. This is yet another step along the road to building on the success at 5 Elements.


Tony Willis
5 Elements Martial Arts

My classes have increased over the last few months! I’ve found that people are looking to get fit but don’t want to be tied into to gym membership and monthly payments probably due to financial contstraints. They can come along to a friendly professional and honest organisation such as ourselves and get fit and learn a martial art cheaply. I think the push for kids to stop playing their X boxes and getting out there and doing a sport is making parents look for a cheap and fun way of doing this and also I get a lot of parents bringing along there kids and then joining in themselves after seeing how enjoyable and rewarding this sport can be.

The BFKKO is a very honest and professional organisation and has supported my club to be the success it is now.

Jonathan Fenwick
JC Kickboxing

With a brand new gym we have had our best month in over 5 years, with more people joining, we have had over 15 people come back after leaving for 6 months or more and far more people are doing private tuition then ever before. We are also on our 4th show, with our 3rd and this one a complete sell out. Recession ? Not down South :)

Gareth Johnson
DKJ Martial Arts

Going just great!!
Got loads of new kids coming through the door, it’s not about advertising it’s about being good at what you do and giving the children what they want!
Prof’ Dave and Adele Terry

I set my brand new club up in the time of the recession! Its booming and already I have fighters out on the scene winning! Plus alongside this I managed to win the WFKKO European Pro Full Contact title so all in all a great year!!!
Wez Fagan
World Champion

I am only a very young Instructor at 19 years old, but with the correct guidance I have been able to open a Thai Boxing Class of my very own and within weeks there was a demand for a second class. I love teaching and I think it’s that what reflects on the children and they come back feeding off my enthusiasm.
Kru Leif Taggart
World Champion

So there we have it, onwards and upwards! People love past times and martial arts relieves stress, builds confidence and is a great alternative to slaving away in a weights gym. The social life is great and as you can see with the stories above, it’s not about hard sell, it’s not something we should struggle to deliver. Just give the students what they want and they will all return happy…….that’s exactly what we are trying to achieve!
We could feature even more success stories but we are sure this small selection displays all.
The BFKKO is a professional provider to the public, education and the corporate sector and is proud of its family! The BFKKO Blackbelt is a great honour to hold as it quite simply says “Quality and standard”, something which should never be taken for granted.
People also do not need to be champions with us, all we aim to do is to help each person to attain their own personal goal by helping them along the way.

Permission sought for all photographs.