Sunday 17 July 2011

Flying Falcon Gym

Flying Falcon (Press Release BFKKO/WFKKO H.Q.)

2 years on and Falcon Kru Leif Taggart is ready to fly the nest!

Leif Taggart of Middlesbrough who is nearing 21 years old joined Master Cris Janson-Piers and Master Kerry-Louise 2 years ago after they hatched a well executed plan together. Although Taggart is to fly the nest slightly prematurely in relation to his professional World title plight and pre planned training. He has completed 2 years of an intense 7 day a week residential programme where he has been personally led by Master Cris Janson-Piers in not only good business practice but in how to administer teaching within the Falcon systems.
Many a person has attained blackbelt and assumed that this is also a teaching qualification, “How wrong this is”. Cris’ selected students/high achievers usually take part in a 3 to 4 year hands on system and only then assist him or Kerry-Louise in classes fully.
Taggart has just taken his senior qualifications in the K1 system that Janson-Piers, one of the first instigators of the system in the UK has developed. This means Leif is now recognised and insured as an instructor when both the 2 year full time studies are combined with many private lessons. Leif has been teaching Muay Thai at the Falcon as he was already a Kru grade (Equivalent to blackbelt) and had successfully developed the “Black Falcon Thai” club. In these classes was Instructor turned student Master Kerry-Louise one of the mostly highly decorated female fighters in the World and president of the BFKKO its self! She embarked upon class and private tuition which has also taken her, like Taggart to the senior grade in the Muay Thai system which will enable her to teach also.
All in all this last 2 years can only be seen as a massive success for Leif. He is now to return to Middlesbrough still under the watchful eye of his coach, instructor and manager Master Cris Janson-Piers and open up the “Flying Falcon Gym” very aptly named, this will signify further growth for the organisation and the reward for Leif for the 2 years of dedication and being away from home, family and friends. Cris will attend this club on a regular basis to teach seminars and advanced courses.
So, the last piece in this amazing jigsaw is the continued commitment of Leif Taggart. Cris’ plan was to achieve what they have achieved but also to raise Taggart from Amateur World status to Pro World status with the intense 7 days a week training. Cris hoped for this to happen before Leif returned home to ensure the training was kept to it’s optimum but with his early return this has had to be restructured. Leif has vowed an undying commitment to Kerry-Louise, Cris and the Falcon to return at weekends for intense training alongside other team mates also to ensure their all time dream and wish comes true! Janson-Piers is known as the trainer of champions and with a stealth like attitude and manner has led many to World or International level.
This is going to be a hard commitment to fulfil when Taggart is to run his own club also under the BFKKO banner but one he assures his coach he can keep, especially as he has to maintain Kerry-Louise’s instruction up to Kru grade in Muay Thai.
Taggart is a contracted pro now and hopefully should be in the ring before the end of the year if a niggling injury subsides.
Cris and Kerry-Louise wish Leif all the very best and complimented him on whilst  living with them 24/7 for two years he has been a trouble free perfect member of their family, a great martial artist and a true friend.

Leif was asked to add his own comments.....
First of all I would like to thank Cris, Kerry and all the Falcon Fight Academy members for making my stay here so so welcoming. While I have been here I have learned so much.  I never ever thought I could learn so much to such a high standard ever, I’ve had some absolute amazing experiences and found some amazing friends whilst here, which I will treasure and love forever. My training partner Kerry-Louise has been an inspiration to me and my training, following in her footsteps in training programmes, lessons, courses and out of gym CV work will of course help me for the rest of my life. She’s shown me how to be and act as a true and very professional champion and helped me to cook, iron and clean ha!!  Cris has been the best coach, manager, friend and uncle anyone could wish for, teaching me so many skills of which I have used to win my recent and very hard fights in the past two years. Cris has also shown me the way and been a big part in changing me from a teenager into a man and has improved my maturity so much! Thank you again, I will miss you so much you are such a massive part of my life. Thank you also to the members of the BFKKO and Falcon Fight Academy for being my friends, colleagues and fighting family, I will make the BFKKO proud to have a new Middlesbrough club and will make sure it’s as high standard as you and all your clubs are, thanks again, yours in sport.”
Leif Robert Taggart!

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Proud to be part of MA Action a martial arts Extravaganza

Click the link below to see a fantastic slide show!MA Action Extravaganza Slide Show

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BFKKO Short Video

Ken Horan Ireland New WFKKO European F/C Champion

Ken Horan lifted the WFKKO F/C Kickboxing title this weekend in Grimsby at a fantastic sold out show promoted by Mick Blythin and Andy Allenby of Grimsby Martial Arts. Local fighter John Lee met with Horan over 7 hard rounds full of action but missed out narrowly after giving his all. Lee commented, the man was hard, well conditioned and I gave 100% from start to finish but it just wasn't enough!
John Lee paid respect to Ken and was the 1st to congratulate him in the ring!
Ken was cornered by the one and only Billy Murray and had loads of support from his friends and other fighters who also went home as winners!

Wednesday 18 May 2011

BFKKO and WFKKO Televised event & International this weekend

BFKKO and WFKKO Televised event & International this weekend!

Don't miss all the action look in on us after the weekend to see the results! Two cracking shows...promise!

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Multi title holder Dean Petty joins BFKKO Champions!

A regular on the fight scene and very successful with it is Dean Petty! Last week he took the North East area Title at the Battle of Britain show at County Durham.

We are sure Dean will welcome challenges for that next belt up now as he has regularly proved himself!

Call back soon for fight reports of shows the BFKKO has recently sanctioned and also our WAKO Pro Shows!

Seen here is Stuart Roper, who recently won the BFKKO North East Full Contact title. Stu' trains with Jonathan Fenwick out at JC Kickboxing up north!
Call back soon for the fight reports on some outstanding nights of action and entertainment!
Plus also a follow up on our televised show which is going off this weekend!

Monday 16 May 2011

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Sunday 20 February 2011

Thank you and respect to allyou Athletes and Coaches!!!

Dear all concerned,

I thought I would put pen to paper as I am getting inundated with emails and telephone calls re the WAKO British Full
Contact Championships next weekend in Nottingham.

This is merely a professional statement and a notification so people are not left hanging on, I certainly don't want to be
personally seen to be letting anyone down. The Championships are on Sunday 27th February 2011. Full details of times, email and contact telephone number can be obtained by going to , everything is on the very 1st page of that site so its easy accessible.

I would like to say to everyone in the amateur field of WAKO (Regardless of disciplines) that I am now purely moving over to running WAKO Pro as the President of WAKO Pro GB itself. It is a great sadness for me as I have spent the last 6 years totally devoted to building and rebuilding the amateur scene at WAKO. Hopefully it will continue to be strong. I am going to miss some very good friends and colleagues in the game, but I am sure all the coaches I deal with every day have
professional fighters too, so we will be staying in contact obviously.

I will, of course still be featuring full contact fight nights and championships and as you all know they are usually heavily
undercarded by amateurs and novices, so as I say please, please do not lose touch.

My email is on my profile or you can contact me at As per usual, this subject is not for discussion on here, I just know there’s a lot of you read on here! However the doors and my ears are open, good luck to you all!

Respect and good wishes.....hoping you have a great day at the championships!
Dont forget all the details are on

CJP :-/

Monday 31 January 2011

WFKKO Ireland takes the reigns

The WFKKO, governing body, which looks after many countries throughout the World has taken yet another great step forward, following a long working relationship with Karl Egington.
On Saturday 29th January 2011, Cris Janson Piers travelled over to Ireland, County Mayo to open the brand new facility of Enigma, Fight "n" Fit Academy in Claremorris which is also to serve as the WFKKO European headquarters.
This luxurious and extensive facility will be capable of housing International training and seminars through to gym shows and also being a perfect facility for conducting international examination and qualification courses for refereeing and judging.
Karl Egington, who heads WFKKO for Ireland, expressed he was delighted to hold such a position and the WFKKO has already attracted many members from all styles throughout Ireland. Further to this two fighters from the Country have already been selected to contend for European titles.

Karl is hoping to feature a WFKKO International title show within Ireland very shortly.
In the weekend just passed the fighters from the academy and other students from throughout Ireland were treated to three days of full contact, K1, and ring craft, lead by Janson Piers and Ably assisted by World Champions Kerry Louise and Leif Taggart.
The GB trio would like to thank Karl , his wife Ann and all the members of Enigma for their fantastic hospitality and are looking forward to returning on what is going to be a regular basis.
the BFKKO and WFKKO have seen a healthy growth over the last few years and this is set to continue.
The organisation which cares about it's members and not about organisation initials or politics.

Monday 24 January 2011

BFKKO GB Squad 2011

Saturday 22nd and 23rd January 2011 were the two trial dates for the “ELITE” BFKKO GB squad trials.
The BFKKO is a very corporate Organisation who pay particular attention to quality and integrity. They support many many martial arts within the organisation including the ones which form part of the trials, being: K1 Rules, Kickboxing, Low Kick, Light Contact Kickboxing, MMA, Kick Jutsu, Submission Grappling, Gi Grappling, Points Karate, Forms and Weapons. These are further supported by heads of departments in Chinese, Japanese, Korean through to the Westernised martial arts.

All in all this means the BFKKO open their doors to many people of the highest standard who are keen to represent their country. They are involved heavily in their own organisation competitions and professional fight nights as well as being part of WAKO and following their circuit also. Each year the BFKKO squad also attend the WOMAA World Games and have done for the last 6 years.

Why this one in particular? Because the president and the senior executives are more bothered about the athletes than money, it remains friendly whilst being very professionally and strictly run!

They have over 400 categories in 2011 and these will increase again in 2012 once the trial categories of K1 Rules and Full Contact have been fully accepted. These competitions have been run all over the World and in some beautiful places. One of the main interest in this competition for the members and families of the BFKKO is it involves children at the highest level and it also caters for children and adults at what is termed “Underbelt” level, this catering for students who have been training for less than 1 year!
There is a medal and special awards ceremony every year which is incredible and some of the special awards and prizes are out of this world.
Last year saw the start of What the World President said was to be WOMAA being featured in all 4 parts of Great Britain, which has indeed created even more interest from the BFKKO and it’s members. This means squad members are assured that the World Games will be nearly on their doorstep for the next three years. Ireland promoted it last year, this year Cardiff Wales, in the Olympic Year it will be England and finishing off in Scotland before another trip abroad will be needed. So “The World is the fighters oyster” as they say!

This years trials had to be held at two venues on separate dates due to the massive size of the squad! In February even more time and size will be needed as it is expected there will be a turn out of at least 130 judging by the attendees of nearly a hundred this time and the people who officially and for good reason couldn’t make the 1st trial. Missing the second trial will mean people will miss out on the next three WOMAA games. Because all the competitions are in the UK, the squad (Apart from complete up and coming fighters and Underbelts moving up will be selected) will be selected through til 2013 off these trials before it’s opened again. Squad members will still trial each year to keep their positions.
Anyone dropping below standard will not be placed. Again showing the strictness and expected quality of the BFKKO team.
The trials this year have already shown we have some major talent coming through the ranks and with at least 4 of the top BFKKO clubs yet to add their trailers in February it promises to get even better! The officials and selected coaches ensured both trials run extra smoothly and efficiently, thank you! We had a guest star in Gary Sandland (World Kickboxing Champion) who attended with one of his own up and coming fighters and Gary could do nothing other than offer praise at the standard laid before him.

The squad have already promised to show their winning ways in the two new trail sections this year in the K1 and the Full Contact and it is the BFKKO’s first time out with an MMA squad which has been preparing well and features some exceptional athletes who will cause upset to some of those who think they had it easy last year!!
The BFKKO Light, Kick Jutsu and Points fighters are known to be some of the best in the World and this year will be no exception!
When the red white and blue floods the arena this year it will not be for show, so be prepared!!
There are no individual entries to the World Games and everyone needs to be on an official squad, To be part of the BFKKO squad even if not members at the moment please contact Cris on 07973 748907.
Do not miss the February trial on 19th February 2011, to receive a trial registration form please email Cris at  
See more of what the BFKKO has to offer by going to 

Friday 7 January 2011

Taggart Moves up to TOP GEAR for 2011!!

Leif Taggart, an Instructor at Falcon Fight Academy has now turned Professional in his favoured style of K1 Rules kickboxing after the official contract signing yesterday and has already secured his first fight, again awaiting contracts before it can be officially announced. Date for his first pro bout will be 14th May up in his own territory Nr Durham.

   Leif had many World titles to his name as a Junior and has represented Great Britain at the highest level, winning an adult IKF World OSR Rules title, then moving on to WAKO European Gold and WAKO World silver both under K1 rules.
   Winning in the UK against a creditable Swedish and French fighter then out in Holland with a 2nd Round KO over a very strong Dutch fighter at the end of 2010 has assured him of further bouts with another scheduled out in Holland for November this year.

   International duty will soon be back on the cards with two countries already approaching CJP for fight assurance.
   Taggart is now sponsored by Nutreas food supplements along with Tony Adams Butchers who supply all his meat requirements.
With additional help from Auto Recovery of Billingham, Scott Bros. of Thornaby and KO Pro.
   Under White Scorpion Fight Management Leif will continue to flourish just like the many other World and European champions on their books!
Here's wishing Leif all the best for 2011 and in the start of what can be only be seen as the biggest step he has ever taken in his martial arts career.

Go for it Leif!!!

Local support from Leifs home town and of course here at Falcon Fight Academy will be well sought after for his up and coming fights.

Please note tickets for this show will be available by ringing Cris (Leif's Manager) on 
07973 748907    or by emailing him at