Monday 30 July 2012

Kick Jutsu Grading...fantastic results

Sunday 29th July and the BFKKO saw the return of the Falcon Kick Jutsu gradings, the graders on the day were Martin Wheatley (one of the BFKKO senior instructors) , Molly Cooley and Scott Macdonald with Tom Shiels kindly volunteering to be grading partner for Martin, it was a fantastic grading with a very high standard, the grading started with 15 minutes fitness followed by grading syllabus work of stand up techniques to pads then throws locks takedowns and chokes. The belt's bieng taken were yellow and orange it was a tough two hour grading I am pleased to say that all passed with high marks, which is very good with the BFKKO's very high standards.

I would like to add that it is great to see a return of the kick jutsu gradings to the club and although the grading was small in numbers it is keeping the style within the organisation, hopefully we will have more people especially with the popularity of the MMA styles as I feel this is the grass roots traditional part of the MMA system. Well done to all graders.

Report written by Chief Instructor Glyn Smith.

Ambassador/s to be rewarded!

Breaking news! Falcon Fight Academy will feature an Ambassadors wall in its new uplifting marketing campaign. This will also feature Ambassador/s "Par Excellence". Giant posters on the largest gym wall will show the people who have made the "Falcon" what it is today. The Roll of World champions and World Gold Medallist's will also be formed.

There will be an Ambassadors evening and presentation, plus entertainment!

Watch this space!!!!!

Sunday 29 July 2012

Professional Photography on your doorstep!

All our members and their businesses are open to receiving high quality photography and video services at a price they will be able to afford.
Have a look through our web site which is just being constructed.

With skills drawn from 30 years plus in the game and a wealth of sales and marketing experience. 

Thursday 26 July 2012

Marketing Guru to revamp BFKKO and Falcon Fight Academy pre 2013

After successfully taking on a PR Manger earlier this year, the BFKKO will now be utilising the services of a new Marketing Manager who will take the BFKKO and Falcon Fight Academy into 2013 and a Brand New Era!

All good news for everyone involved, watch this space!

Please note our social networking sites and communication pages may be down during initial stages which start this morning.

Kind Regards Cris

Sunday 22 July 2012

GB Team training massive HIT!!

Full story to come from our PR department, but what a fantastic day! The picture below says it all!!
Team GB minus 16 fighters pictured. One of our strongest teams yet.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Another step in the Muay Thai direction

The 18th July saw another huge step for the BFKKO and especially Falcon Fight Academy when Kerry-Louise and Cris traveled down to train with the "man" of Muay thai in GB, Mr Tony Myers.
The session was an intense 1 to 1 over nearly three hours and Tony took Kerry-Kerry Louise through her paces whilst he continuously broke away to explain fine detail in not only technique but scoring techniques and the rules.
Both Kerry-Louise and Cris benefited so much from this session and left confirming a Muay Thai judging course which will be run by Tony later this year up at the Sheffield HQ. (Places will be limited so if you want in then email NOW!!!
Much respect to Tony for his valuable time, the man is a wealth of knowledge and it was a pleasure and privilege to be in his company!

We would like to see every BFKKO Official on this course!

Thursday 5 July 2012

Fahey in fantastic win

On Saturday 29th June Ben Fahey from Satori Martial Arts/BFKKO travelled to Sheffield to fight on the ISKA sanctioned AFK super league show against Yousif Ibrahim of AFK Sheffield. The match was made at -60kg with 3 weeks notice due to a fighter pull out. The fight is one that both camps have wanted for a number of years after they met previously when Ben was 13 and Yousif 16, which ended in a draw.

Ben as always started the fight strong from the 1st bell using well timed punches and low leg kicks as drilled by his coaches Jack Boas and Matt Spring. Ben used his clinch work well not giving the older Yousif chance to get back into the round.

The second round Ben again came out strong landing some big knees in the clinch although yousif was trying to catch the knee and sweep Ben, Ben avoided the sweeps infact putting yousif down with his own sweeping.

The 3rd and final round started with Yousif coming out very strong, as he had lost the previous 2 rounds looking for the KO. This plan though didn’t go his way as yet again Ben showed some superior block/counter combinations  putting his opponent quickly on the back foot. Ben controlled the ring and the fight throughout all 3 rounds.

Satori’s  Dean Robinson stated that "This was one of Ben’s best performances with a good mix of ring craft, skill and excellent sportsmanship shown from both camps". 

Ben would like to thank Dean, Jack Boas, Matt Spring and Lee Swaby for the intense training programme. Ben’s next fight will be at the WOMMA World games in August and then in September on Satori’s show on the 29th September in Lincoln. 

Photographs purchased

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Kerry-Louise Has her own brand new Web Site!

Just being built is this hugely informative Web site on this unassuming 8 times Professional World Champion K1 Rules and Full Contact fighter.

Read about her ideas of now going into Muay Thai fighting and all the training she is going to have to go through to make her first fight one she can at least offer her best challenge in! From the fight to learning in full about how the judges will see the fight. Many changes will have to be made to her fighting but with the wealth of knowledge already offered this should be made much easier. Master Cris Janson-Piers is also going into deep study so he too can guide his fighter of which he has coached since she started at 7 years old!

See Kerry-Louise's site at........