Saturday 28 April 2012

Golden Girl due to fight again!

Yes Falcon Fight Academy's very own Chief Instructor is to fight on the 23rd June!
With both guns loaded and ready for battle!!!!!
Kerry-Louise fighting
Pro K1 Rules here in the UK
against an Italian opponent.
Don't miss it.
Tickets available now!
Ready n Waiting!!!!

Derby Martial Arts Certainly "Make the Grade!!!"

Friday 27th of April 2012 was a huge day for Instructor Ryan Lawson and his wife Helen as they opened their doors not only to existing students but to new students and parents alike.

The idea was to showcase what they are doing for the local communities around Derby and also to highlight their character development programme.

The venue was the very well kept and very pleasant Spondon Village hall. Well located and with easy off road parking.

It has been met with so much interest that even the Mayor and Mayoress of Derby and teachers from the local schools were in attendance to witness the overall benefits of the system.

A special guest on the day was Kerry-Louise, 7 x World Professional Kickboxing Champion and Pro K1 Rules Intercontinental Champion, which again, highlighted to the children and members the possibilities through dedicated training.

I, myslef (CJP), was invited as president to WAKO Pro GB (WAKO, the official World Governing Body to Kickboxing) and President to BFKKO/WFKKO, the organisation Ryan and his members are now so proud to be a part of. I was really impressed and the photographs and information I have captured in this report show this!

The evening started off with a registration and then the students being strategically placed in the hall with military precision. There was a silence as the Mayor and Mayoress were seen walking towards the building where they were met by Ryan and Helen Lawson and the rest of the instructors present.

Once seated and after a stretch and warm up there was a demonstration of basic technique, showing kicks and punches etc.

Through the class Ryan demonstrated how the system he has introduced manages to capture the attention and interest of even the youngest student for the whole time they are within the class.....truly amazing!

Once the class was over the Mayor of Derby was invited to make comment on what he had seen. He was hugely impressed and talked openly and very nicely to all the children. They responded well on what he turned into a question and answer session which he based around the clubs MONTHLY word being "Legacy".

This was followed by a speech by myself which allowed the BFKKO to be introduced to the children and parents as it is these Initials they will be seeing for a long time now and following the very same high values. (I will be returning to the DMA Senior classes in the very near future where we may even run an introductory seminar for them?).

The school teachers were certainly impressed when it was explained how martial arts can benefit individuals, whether it was in the "DOJO" classroom or everyday life. It was also shown and discussed how martial arts can be used for fitness a fun whilst having massive character development qualities. This was alongside a self defence demonstration and clearly showed how the children are made aware of danger and the all important key words or actions which could help towards their overall safety.

Kerry-Louise started out in her quest at the tender age of 7 year old, so i invited a little 7 year old girl to stand next to her throughout the talk about Kerrry-Louise, her training and her achievements to keep making the children aware of the possibility of them maybe achieving the same goal one day.

A lovely gesture was the Student/Teacher appreciation certificates given to the childrens school teachers from the children themselves which shows the childrens appreciation for the teachers involvement in the martial arts programme as they are involved in supplying regular reports to the Chief Instructor to show the child is keeping to other targets set. (Even the parents play a part in this system by filling in a little report on the childs home activities etc).

The evening was brought to a close with coffee and biscuits where there was an opportunity for everyone to speak to all on a casual basis.

Official photographs were taken and some of the children asked if they could be photographed with Kerry-Louise and her belts, before long she had a stream of youngsters lining up to have their picture taken, so even though this shy professional outside the ring didn't say a lot on the day her achievements had definitely inspired the youngsters.

Whilst the talks finished of, the children were happily tucking into some lovely cup cakes one of the parents had so kindly baked, again showing the spirit of such a club where it is a family affair and all are welcome and urged to be part of.

I was very proud to witness what I saw and lets hope that Ryan, Helen and the instructors and staff carry on the good work and that Ryans "LEGACY" lives on!

Derby Martial Arts truly an "A" star BFKKO Club.

PLEASE NOTE: All the photographs in this article are very low resolution reproductions of some very high quality images produced by

Story and pictures by Master Cris Janson-Piers
President to WFKKO/BFKKO and WAKO Pro GB.

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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Victorious Falcons! AGAIN!!!!!!

On Saturday, March 31 in a television studio in Norwich, fighters from the Falcon Fight Academy in Dinnington, showed their talents to the World. 

There was a live streaming on the internet, of a full evening's entertainment, by some very talented Martial Artists. The production company was MAaction . com 

The show was called "The Kumite". 

As the show went to air, Facebook and the internet was alive with messages from far and wide! 

First up from Falcon, was Robert Gronckiewicz. He put in a very keen performance to take victory with a points decision. 

He was followed by his fellow Polish countryman, Gracjan Zubicki, in his first K1 Rules fight in the ring. He looked strong and aggresive in the opening seconds. This didn't last as there was a scrappy exchange which finished with the Falcon fighter suffering a deep cut to his cheek. The Doctor examined the wound and would not allow the fight to continue. 

Next was the return to the ring of Leif Taggart, one of Cris Janson-Piers' most experienced professional fighters. This day had been long awaited by many. Leif took control early with a very clever fight plan. He put his opponent to the canvass several times with strong leg kicks. 
Shortly into the second round, Leif landed amassive kick to put his opponent on the floor for the fiunal time as the referee called a halt to the fight. 

The final fight of the night was a Wako Pro English title fight featuring one of the Falcon Academy's most popular rising stars, Jordan Waring. His opponent was Nathan Kirk. 

Waring entered the ring with his customary glove touch to the falcon tattoo on his chest. His opponent had a pre fight record of 9 wins from 10 fights. He had a big boxing background which Waring and his coach Janson-Piers, were well aware of. They had done their homework perfectly. As his opponent came charging forward at the bell, Waring slipped back and lifted the knee, launching his hips forward into a massive push kick which hit Kirk straight under the chin with an immense amount of power. Kirk tried to keep moving forward, but a combination of angled work and clinch interceptions, worked well in Warings favour! When in close Kirk was clinched, kneed and taken to the floor with leg kicks and sweeps. 
Kirk was put to the floor many times with powerful kicks and take downs. He was visibly in a lot of pain by the end of the first round. Having worked Kirk well again and paining the legs constantly, Waring sensed it was time to finish the job and in 1 minute 40seconds of the second round, Kirk knew it was his last visit to the canvas as Phil Dews, the Ref' stepped in and put an end to Kirk's suffering! 

Jordan commented, "We had a plan which worked to perfection. We knew he would be coming to try and knock me out. I have never been knocked out and didn't think he would be able to do it, even though he was a powerful hitter. I have trained hard for this fight and was able to show the World what I am capable of." 

A great evening's entertainment for those in attendance and the huge numbers watching at home. 

Plans are already afoot for another live show in the near future, featuring Falcon Fight Academy Martial Artists. That will be well worth watching! 

By Mark Baker

Monday 2 April 2012

Massive turnout for GB Trials

On Saturday, over a hundred Martial Artists attended a Great Britain squad selection session for the British Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing Organisation (BFKKO). The trials were held at the prestigious English Institute of Sport (EIS) in Sheffield. 

The ultra modern venue proved to be the perfect place for these athletes to showcase their talents. The martial artists came from all around the country to (quite literally) fight for their places in the GB team. There was a great mix of young children, teens and adults, all of whom were out to prove they have what it takes to represent their country at world level later this year. 

There was even one person who was due to fly in from Jersey. Unfortunately, problems at the airport led to this person being unable to get to the venue. 

There were 110 people in the Multi Purpose Hall at the EIS. A good number of these came from the Falcon Fight Academy at Dinnington. The trials were organised by Cris Janson Piers, BFKKO President. The warm up session was taken by the many times, multi styled world champion, Kerry-Louise Norbury. 

After an intense warm up and fitness assessment, the trialists got into their rythm and soon had legs and arms moving in a blur. Once the basics were out of the way, it was down to business and try to catch the eye of the selectors. The various styles from semi contact through to full contact and K1 styles all took turns to impress. 

The action from the adults was flowing, clean and impressive. The children showed great concentration and determination. At the end of three grueling hours, some even managed to find that little bit extra! 

The selection process is expected to be completed over the next day or two. 

The feedback from many of the coaches was very positive. 

Andy from Grimsby Martial Arts said: "They were all good fighters here today, Quality martial artists on display. I have really enjoyed the whole day." 

Dave Terry from DEMAA in Oldham told me: "Unbelievable standards from the novice sections today (under 18 months training). There are stars of the future with so much potential here today." 

Cris Janson Piers commented at the end of the trials: "I would like to thank everyone who attended today. The standards have been really high today, and the number of attendants is phenomenal. There were no poor standards and it will be really tough to make the final selections from what I have seen today. Everyone here should be really proud of themselves, I know I am!" 

Cris added: "I am going to produce a GB Squad t-shirt. They will be handed out to every squad member FREE at the official Squad training session I am now planning. If you are not there you won't get one, but if you are and show you are a TEAM player then you can proudly wear this t-shirt and be proud to show people your success." 

That is something to be proud to wear. Congratulations to all who made the team. 

On Trial

Fighters from the Falcon Fight Academy in Dinnington, will this weekend be trying to impress the powers that be. 

The fighters have all put a massive amount of effort into their training and are challenging to secure their positions as part of the GB Kickboxing team, to challenge for gold at this year's World Championships. 

The President of the British Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing Organisation (BFKKO), Cris Janson-Piers, announced that the prestigious English Institute of Sport is to be the venue for this year's GB squad training event on Saturday, ahead of this August's WOMAA World Games. 

All who have registered to trial must be at the venue by 1:45pm. The squad selection will commence at 2pm prompt. The trials are expected to be completed by 5pm. 

Cris explained: "I am really proud of all the competitors who represent our clubs on a regular basis. They all train so hard and deserve to be given the opportunity to train at such an impressive venue as the English Institute of Sport. 

"Some of the best athletes have trained at this venue. This shows how far the BFKKO has come and it also shows the level of ambition within our organisation" 

He went on to say: "We have well in excess of 100 athletes trying to gain selection to represent their country at the WOMAA World Championships in August this year. 

"I believe we have some very strong martial artists who are more than capable of bringing home gold this year." 

I know Cris will have all his competitors in tip-top shape for both the trials and the Championships come August. There will be no fitness issues and each of them will know exactly what is required to achieve success for their country.

Taggart High Kickin'

MIDDLESBROUGH kickboxer and falcon Fight Academy fighter, Leif Taggart has taken the latest step on his long journey through martial arts.
For the Thorntree fighter has passed a gruelling K-1 rules grading after four years of studying the syllabus set out by the British Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing Organisation.
Taggart has won everything from area to world titles over the years and runs his own Flying Falcon Gym in South Bank, Middlesbrough and trains out of Falcon Fight Academy at Dinnington, Sheffield.
His trainer, Master Cris Janson-Piers, a national coach and grading examiner, passed him for his grading after putting him through four-and-a-half strenuous hours involving fitness tests, padwork and sparring.
Taggart’s grading success provided him with an early 21st birthday present and the former Ormesby School pupil said: “I am thrilled with my achievement.
“I have trained under Cris for many years now in all the various disciplines and received two years of private tuition, seven days a week.
“I have been travelling abroad trying to progress my K-1 career and have already won many titles.”
K-1 kickboxing rules originated in Japan and allows low kicks and knees, but unlike regular thai boxing clinching and elbows are not permitted.
The sport has widespread popularity in Holland and Taggart is currently in fight training for a possible bout there, having won on his last trip to the Netherlands.
He is also scheduled to fight on a prestige live streamed show in Norwich on March 31.

Next Step Taken!

Kerry-Louise form the Falcon Fight Academy at Dinnington has taken the next step on her long journey through Martial Arts. 

On Saturday, World Professional Kickboxing Champion, Kerry-Louise, who is one of the country's highest graded females in martial arts, completed her Kru grading in the art of Muay Thai. This was taken after four years of hard study in this art form. 

Kerry-Louise spent four and a half hours of testing under Leif Taggart and one of the country's most respected Muay Thai Instructors, Philip Glover, who has also assisted in her private training over the last few months. 

The grading consisted of her firstly warming up and then performing her Wai Khru, the traditional way to show respect, balance and skill, followed by a strenuous fitness session. Padwork and practical work then followed before Kerry entered the ring for her sparring section. All this was made that little harder as Kerry is still in nursing a shoulder injury. 

But, being the stubborn type of person she is, said this was no excuse to stop or reduce her training, just to adapt it in preparation for the grading and the proposed World Pro K1 Rules Title fight scheduled for June. 

After a very slick performance of her Wai Khru/Ram Muay, Kerry-Louise's padwork on the grading was very strong and accurate. This was certainly helped by both Phil Glover and the well known Richard Smith of Bad Company Leeds, where Kerry-Louise also trains whenever she can. The sparring proved Kerry-Louise is not only capable but super fit after completing four hours of physical endurance, then getting in the ring to fight to end the grading! 

The presentation of certificate and the much sought after, red “Kru” armband, were made and Kerry-Louise was noticeably elated. 

Kerry-Louise said: “I am thrilled with my achievement. I have trained under Cris since I was seven years old, in all the various disciplines. When I said I wanted to push my K1 career as far as I could, Cris suggested Muay Thai so I had more armoury and even more importantly, this would to enable me to recognise my opponent's skills, as many Thai boxers enter K1 rules tournaments. 

"Cris wanted only the best instructors for me and he selected Leif, Richard and Phil. These guys with the mix of seminars and training, with some of the best Thai instructors in the World here in the UK and Thailand itself certainly were the right recipe!” 

Well done, that's some achievement.

Wheels in motion

The Falcon Fight Academy's multi World Champion, Kerry-Louise, has just been handed some help on her way to more World title success this year. 

She has just taken delivery of a brand new Toyota from Pentagon Toyota at Rotherham. This car will be seen with Kerry-Louise driving around in the black sporty number, with the recognisable number plate B7 KKO. 

Kerry-Louise is pictured with Chris from Pentagon who looked after all their enquiries, from start to finish, giving great customer service. 

Kerry-Louise said: "It's a great little car. It's perfect for all my needs." 

This car is just like the champion herself. Quick off the mark and packs one hell of a punch! 

Kerry-Louise will be fighting under K1 Professional Rules in June this year. 

Free Lessons, NO Catch!

The Falcon Fight Academy is boosting in numbers thanks to a bout of free lessons. 

The free lessons are held on Wednesday evenings from 6.15pm and led by Master Cris Janson Piers who has taken the decision to continue with the free Thai lesson as they have proven to be so popular. 

These lessons are free of charge to students old and new. If anyone has never tried this style of Martial Arts, they can do so without the risk of it costing them a penny. 

Cris said: "These lessons are still completely free. Ask anyone there are no catches, the centre is just big enough and successful enough to give a little back to everyone!" 

For further information, call Cris on 07973 748907.

Norwegians travel to train at Dinnington

Trond Haugen and his partner Anne Mari recently travelled all the way from Norway to undergo private tuition from Master Cris Janson Piers at the Falcon Fight Academy in Dinnington. 

The first lesson was a full contact workout. This gave Trond an eye opening welcome to the Academy. This lesson was carried out in the general Thursday class alongside other students. 

The second lesson on Friday was a private pad work lesson. This gave Trond a great idea of how the techniques come into their own. This was a very intense session with many things to learn and digest. 

Saturday started off with a few hours relaxing around the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. This enabled the couple to unwind a little before the start of another heavy training session! 

The next lesson, later in the day, was a select lesson with all the instructors from Falcon Martial Arts in mid afternoon. This proved to be a session of very hard continuous work under constant pressure with plenty of pushing from the task master CJP. 

All the guys from this session commented how demanding this lesson had been. "That was one of the hardest sessions I have had," more than one person said. 

The day was topped off by a meal at the quirky Dog and Duck restaurant in Ollerton which serves beautiful food. 

On Sunday, Trond underwent instruction in K1, a style which he is not yet fully familiar with, but very interested in. This was a very intensive, hard working, hands on practial lesson, which allowed him to see the differences between the various styles. 

Many of the participants worked very hard in this lesson and came out saying they ached so much that "they couldn't feel their shoulders!" 

Before finally leaving for home, they both commented "We will return again, maybe next time with some of our students as well." 

Cris said: "Trond, as expected was a fantastic martial artist, very clean and precise in his techniques. He was willing to take on new techniques and advice and responded very well to all the training. Both he and his partner Anne Mari were a pleasure to have as guests and students." 

Cris was pleased to have them train with him as Norway is well known for its quality and skill within the martial arts world. 

While they were here, they stayed at the Angel Inn, Blyth which offers traditional food and ales. This is a place Cris uses a lot to allow his foreign guests to savour the taste of traditional Britain.