Wednesday 28 November 2012

It is gonna be huge! great.... BFKKO SHOW ON YOUR DOORSTEP

Our Brand NEW Gift Card!!!!

For use by all Falcon and even BFKKO members!!

A brand new idea for Christmas and indeed into the new year! This GIFT card with a light hearted comment on it will be available for purchase at a value you can nominate. You then simply give us the address of the recipient and they will be
 mailed the card with your message and the amount you have credited them for on it.

The student can then bring the card in at anytime and buy anything from clothing/uniform, to equipment, lessons, private lessons, in fact anything they want!

What it does mean is you will not have to waste your time coming into the gym, keeping secrets and you will also not buy something they already have or don't want!!

Even better news, whilst cash is fine for payment you can pay by Paypal also (If by Paypal, please add £1.00 to your nominated total and £2.00 if its over £100.00).

If you want one of these then just email me (The spelling will appear as you write it!!)....

1. Recipients Name
2. Total £ you are crediting them for
3. Their Address and Postcode
4. Your Message, NO MORE Than 400 characters including spaces and punctuations.


It will then have the gym address on it instead of theirs, so at least they will know where to go!!! LOL

Anyone LIKEY LIKEY?????

Their present and our official offer code will be on the back!! See our Facebook page also for the offer at:

or maybe visit our website at:

Monday 19 November 2012

Very Important Information to come!!

Keep your eye on this space, we have some very important information to update you all on, but we are just awaiting an email.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Jordan Waring Pro European K1 Rules Champion

Waring has not only added the WFKKO Pro K1 rules Welterweight title to his own trophy cabinet but he has completed the Falcon success story and goal for 2012.
Janson-Piers, head man at FFA DINNINGTON Sheffield ( said "After the last three years of massive success stories the team and I really set our sights high, I wanted all my top K1 fighters to take the next level title up and also worked so hard to achieve several high level World Golds at the 2012 World Games. Kerry-Louise added another World title to her K1 achievements, Taggart a Pro English and this latest one by the man of the moment!

Warings fight was hosted by Dan Healys Tri Style Martial Arts of Saffron Walden at the Forum in Hatfield and was held under the sanctioning of the WFKKO one of the countries leading organisations who are part of the World Governing Body for kickboxing.

It was to be a 5 x 3 minute Pro K1 Rules European title fight against 3 times French champion and Thailand stadium winner Mattheiu Floch of France, certainly Warings toughest opponent ever to date. Waring still only 20 years old is always looking to better himself and next year will be no exception. He and coach have already got eyes on young blood who are trying to climb the welterweight ranks at the moment and when that's sorted he is prepared to be tested against some of the household names before either defending or moving up to the next level.

The fight was all it was hyped up to be and it went all 5 rounds. The team were well aware of the Frenchmans power and staying power and at no time in the fight underestimated him. Taking the first two rounds comfortably on every judges card Waring was put to test in the third when Floch registered two 10-10 scores out of the 3, however, with a change to the fight strategy Waring went on to secure the last two with a full house of 50 points on every judges card giving him a unanimous and clear points win over a prime athlete in Mattheiu Floch. The French team were notably very professional at all times and gracefully accepted the defeat as sportsmen to be proud of!

The action hasn't finished yet for the BFKKO and WFKKO as they still have to host some of the UK's top fights at the Octagon, Sheffield and Beachcomber Club Cleethorpes both in December.
The Octagon will witness, probably the fight of the year in Christian Di Paolo v Joe Magovan in a 5 round pro prestige K1 Rules fight, tickets still available do not miss out!!!

Thursday 15 November 2012

Jordan Waring Back in action this weekend!

Time served! Dedication! Regular TRAINING!!!! Thats what makes a champ!!

It has to be said that the only way to the top is to be dedicated to your sport! It wont just come to you, you have to work hard, train every day and miss out on the finer things in life sometimes.
But we do have a special breed of champions who have committed and some who have trained from as young as 4 years old and now in their 16th year of training.
They have now moved on even further and also teach the "Falcon" way, ensuring we will have 1st class champions and a reputation which will always remain unquestioned!
We are proud of what we have achieved and it will carry on for many years to come.
"FALCON"....soaring above any competition!

Monday 12 November 2012

Sunday 11 November 2012

WAKO Pro Title for Leif Taggart and the Black Falcon Crew!

Saturday 10th November saw Leif Taggart endure a 5 x 3 minute rounds of K1 action in his WAKO Pro English title fight on the IMPACT 1V show at Middlesbrough promoted by Alan Chapman.
Fighting Andrew Lofthouse from the Siam Camp in Oldham he was pushed all the way!

Going into round three the boyz were 1 a piece and Taggart was told by his corner..."You're fit enough, now up the pace!"

He systematically threw high scoring combinations and started to tot the score up. It has to be said Lofthouse threw several big landing haymakers but Taggarts conditioning and desire to win stood him firm and hard til the final bell.

The respect shown by the two fighters and both camps at the end of the fight was fantastic and a pleasure to see for the witnessing crowd.

A well deserved win and a title that Leif will never forget attaining!!

Pictured below with his coach and manager  Master Cris Janson-Piers and his long time training partner World Champion Kerry-Louise. Leif travels most weeks to Sheffield, again showing his commitment to the sport.

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Take that!

Derby Martial Arts hits the National Newspapers!!!! Well done Ryan and team!!! See this guys, it might give you some ideas yourself!!!