Sunday 28 February 2010

A Weekend of Qualifications

Congratulations to:

Tim Niblett Mansfield
Shaun Gray Bridlington
Martin Wheatley Sheffield
Tony Willis Essex

All of whom are BFKKO members and have passed there MMA coaching certificates under WAKO GB MMA today.

The testing was conducted by the Director of WAKO MMA Mr John C Higo.

Well done to all involved.

Well Done!!!

This years Instructors course and examinations took place on Saturday 27th February 2010 at Sheffield. The course was very well attended and we are pleased to say that people attaining new or upgraded qualifications were as follows.
Mat Gray Assistant Instructor Grade 3 (Karate)
Alex Evans Assistant Instructor Grade 2 (Kickboxing)
Leif Taggart Assistant Instructor Grade 2 (Kickboxing)
Jordan Waring upgraded to Cadet Leader Grade 1 (Karate)
Luke Farmer upgraded to Instructor Grade 2 (Karate)
The standard was, as per usual very high and everyone did really well.
Also in attendance were Senior staff, Glyn Smith,Tim Niblett, Shaun Gray, Kerry-Louise, Tony Willis, 
Martin Wheatley, Ryan Hamer and Michelle Gray.

Saturday 27 February 2010

Team Survival 2 is here!!!!

Are you rough n tough enough?
Do you want character building? Do you want pushing to the edge?
Do you mind crying in front of others?

If you are tough enough then TEAM SURVIVAL is for you!!!

Details to come shortly, its a day of pure hell


Happy Birthday Kerry-Louise!

Kerry-Louise had a great birthday on Thursday and would like to thank everyone for her presents. She actually went in to teach one class on her birthday evening as she know the Tots love a good party!
The students all turned up in fancy dress and they played martial arts games, had fun and had some lucky bags and cake etc.
Shirley once again saw to it that Kerry was aided and she went out and supplied the cake on behalf of all the children.
Kerry-Louise gives so much to not only her local club but to the Organisation she is the president of.

Happy Birthday Champ! x

Photographic and display permission sought.
No copying of any of the childrens photographs allowed, all photographs are also copyright!!

Monday 22 February 2010

WAKO Promote 2 More BFKKO Officials

Congratulations to:

Martin Wheatley and Luke Farmer of Falcon Fight Academy Dinnington who were both promoted this weekend (21st Feb 2010) to "A" class judges by WAKO GB and WAKO Pro GB.
Both Gents judged at the WAKO British Championships this weekend and had an impeccable comparison of scores throughout the whole championships with each other and the head table.
Being long serving officials both Martin and Luke knew they were up for regular inspection but were both overwhelmed at the news today!

Leif Taggart another Falcon member, who is newly qualified was on the stop watch and bell and also did a fine job!