Sunday 28 March 2010

WAKO Pro GB Press Release

Great News for Taggart
Following extensive coverage and promotion of Leif Taggart and his continued success in winning again last week under WAKO K1 Rules we are pleased to say that following our AX statement of last week we have now obtained sponsorship for Leif.
The sponsorship deals have come in several shapes and sizes from a International and a national company to personal sponsors.
NUTREAS LTD is proud to announce the sponsorship of Leif “Lethal” Taggart who recently has been fighting Semi-Pro in the hope of turning Professional at the beginning of 2011. Leif has since become the European WAKO K1 Rules Champion and won the World Silver Medal in WAKO K1 Rules also.
Nutreas sponsor a number of professional sports people and teams. Leif “Lethal” Taggart is now part of this growing group of Champions who desire the best.
Christian Cheshire Managing Director of Nutreas Ltd added;
“Our philosophy is “Powered by Nature” and Leif certainly fits into this philosophy in many ways. Our product range, which has been developed by our Nutritionalist and Sports Scientists in Germany to enhance professional sports peoples’ performance, is the ideal fuel to help Leif reach his goals.
He is a very focused and dedicated individual who is managed by an equally professional team at White Scorpion Fight Management, and they both compliment our brand.
We are all very excited about the future for everyone involved in this venture.
KO PRO being the official suppliers of equipment for all WAKO Pro GB title fights has offered to sponsor one of Great Britains up and coming athletes in the terrific shape of Leif Taggart. This will be ongoing and we hope to follow Leif right through to his professional career and beyond.
We offer a full range of equipment for the big fight and especially for training where items need to be continuously replaced, “Well worry not Leif we are one phone call away”. Good luck with the rest of your career.

TONY ADAMS BUTCHERS My name is John Homer and I am so impressed with Leif Taggart, he trains at our local gym and in line with our support for the community I sponsored his last fight in our local village. I was just amazed by his display! He was a pleasure to watch and on speaking to himself and his coach after I realised I could help further. He was saying how hard sponsorship was to come by and that it was his diet and nutrition which took a big part of the available cash up. I have since decided to supply Leif a fresh meat and chicken platter every week, this should ease the strain on his pocket!
To top this off a Personal sponsor has come forward and offered to pay for all Leifs everyday training expenses.
Leif stated “I would like to thank all the personal sponsors who have supported me in the past and those who still do with all types of  kit and cash to help with some of my out of pocket expenses. I hope I can continue to be successful and keep making my Mum and Dad proud along with my fans. This year is going to be hard as I am now fighting Semi Pro, going up a weight and obviously loosing the safety protection I am used to, but I enjoyed my first fight under these rules and came away relatively injury free. All I need to do now is prove to these kind sponsors that I am worthy of their support.”
Thank you.

Saturday 27 March 2010

Just a tidy little piece to look at!

Fantastic grading success for Karate & Kickboxing at Falcon

"Small grading, massive standard!"

That's what Principal Director and grading examiner Master Cris Janson-Piers said today after a 100% pass rate at Falcon Fight Academy today.

Noteable passes:
Kelly Wheatley returning after starting a family, it was 10 years ago since she stepped on the mats!!! WOW, well done! (Far left)

Luke Farmer 5th Rank Kickboxing attaining a first class "A" pass
Adam Simpson taking Yellow after just a short time with the gym and getting a creditable pass!
Luke Far left back row. Adam 2nd from left front row.

Well done to Katey, Callum and Victoria on excellent 1st stage Karate assessments  ;-)
(All in karate suits with brown belts on in picture above)

Friday 26 March 2010

Congratulations to Student Kerry-Louise

Kerry-Louise is well on her way now in her Muay Thai study and grading. She is attending seminars and private lessons all over the UK along with private tuition off the resident Instructor at Black Falcon Thai Dinnington, namely Kru Leif Taggart.

Although Kerry-Louise and Leif are regular training partners away from their Muay Thai study and Kerry being a 5th Dan in Karate and a 5th Degree in Kickboxing and K1 style, with a Masters degree and Chief Instructor status to the BFKKO she is adamant that she will achieve the ultimate of Kru grade in her new style and fully respects that she needs to follow the grading structure from the beginning from her instructor Leif.

Today she successfully attained an "A" class pass at Blue Khan and was very pleased with herself. She said....
" I love the Muay Thai training and all the history behind the style, I also love it that its my own thing away from everything else I do. I am very pleased with my result today but I do work hard for it. I hope me showing a willingness to grade for my lower grades in another style will serve to motivate my own students and show them that we are all still learning no matter what other experience or Word titles we hold"