Tuesday 24 August 2010

BFKKO British squad were correct to be confident!

BFKKO British squad were correct to be confident!

Competitors and Coaches alike know when the BFKKO British team push the door open and enter the World Games everyone has to be on top form. Killarney in County Kerry was the beautiful setting for this years competition, with accommodation at the luxurious Gleneagles Hotel.

The Americans, especially, had trained very hard for all the grappling and Kick Jutsu categories in a plight to beat the British at a sport they more than excel in. With the GB squad suffering injuries and independent financial problems the GB grappling part of the squad suffered heavily and could only field one senior fighter in total!!

To add to the British fighters and Cris' own dispair, it was decided on the day that a select Amateur MMA and Submission Wrestling category would be introduced. The competition for this was featured on the mats in its infancy but will be moved to the ring in future. It proved a fantastic move and the two styles attracted many spectators.

More on this later........

Also up for the challenge was Kerry-Louise who was fully prepared to meet last years World Title belt champion on the evening of the Grand Finale after beating all challengers the day before and attaining a World Gold, but due to a no show of the existing Champion and as in boxing, the title belt is now to be held by Kerry until next year where she again will be ready to meet whatever challenge is put forward.

The BFKKO squad included martial artists of all ages from children to adults in styles ranging from Kata,
Light Contact, Points and the grappling styles all supported by family and friends, who may we add were a very valuable part of the TEAM.

As the days went on the medal tally started to grow! Finalising in the squad earning

9 Gold
9 Silver
6 Bronze

out of a possible 28 medals we could win we won, 24, truly amazing!!!!
(The medallists will be listed later).

With time to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings the team hit Killarney before saying their goodbyes to all the other International competitors, coaches and officials. Another great and successful championship which will no doubt attract big numbers next year in Wales.

World President Bruce Smith and Vice President Mr T Rondo Van Clief attended the GB squad final team meeting to make a few presentations.
Professor David Terry was promoted to International Director to all Grappling styles as CJP stood side and now goes to Overall World Director to all ringsports. This position has just arisen due to WOMAA now including MMA, Submission Wrestling and next years inclusion of Full Contact and Japanese Rules Kickboxing. These styles will all follow the rules of the Word Governing Body WAKO. It's exciting times ahead!!!

Kerry-Louise was presented her World Title belt officially and Adele Terry had her 2nd Dan blackbelt recognised, being well overdue it was nice for her to receive this at such a prestigious event.

Master Cris Janson-Piers was officially entered into the WOMAA Hall of Fame recognising his long term commitment and success in martial arts with this lifetime achievement award.

There's no rest as straight away Cris will be looking to start new squad training straight away. Great news is The 2012 World Games will be in the UK in the year of the Olympics in our country also. Trialing will be very strict as we intend to field a fantastic squad for 2011 and then raise the bar even further in the Olympic year!
If you are interested in being in the squad even if not a BFKKO member at the moment then please call Cris on 07973 748907 or email him at crisjansonpiers@googlemail.com  

Thursday 19 August 2010

We are ready ARE YOU!!?

We are ready, are YOU!!??

We are BFKKO Team GB!

Saturday 14 August 2010

BFKKO GB Squad ready to rumble

The very successful BFKKO GB squad met up for their last training session on Saturday 14th August 2010. The team consists of fighters in Points Karate, Grappling, Kick Jutsu, Light Contact and even some Kata who have been selected from all over the UK as a result of ongoing trials this year.

The competition is next week in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. The WOMAA World Games and is at the prestigious Gleneagles Golf course hotel complex.

"A" class and International Officials Cris Janson-Piers, (Team Captain) Kerry-Louise, Professor Dave Terry, Glyn Smith and Adele Terry will all coach the squad whilst also carrying out officiating duties also.

We would like to wish the team all the very best out in Ireland, lets see some silverware brought back.
ps Makes sure there's enough room in baggage for all the trophies and the extra weight!!!    ;-)
Next year there is to be the first inclusion of Full contact and also a style very similar to WAKO K1 Rules.

CJP Is Elated!!

I have just received this message of Katey Dauden who has given me permission to print her comments and photograph.Not only have we helped raise cash for the Downs Syndrome Association, we have now introduced another fantastic student to our sport, Looking forward to teaching you Seb.

Hi Cris...Great to meet you, Andy and Mr 'Lights Out'! brie
fly on Saturday at the Lyric.The event was fantastic and I hope it raised a lot of awareness and money!? Seb is still really interested in coming along to your gym and trying out kickboxing. We had hoped to come along in September - would this still be OK?Keep up the great work!

Best wishes Katy & Sebastian Daudén

Thursday 12 August 2010

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Charity fight in aid of Raising Funds for The Downs Syndrome Association

7th August 2010
The video in the above link is of the fight between James Olsen and CJP himself.
It was part of a very very successful fund raising event held at the Lyric Theatre Dinnington Sheffield in aid of
The Downs Syndrome Association.
Members of the BFKKO/WFKKO from all over the UK attended.
Many World Champions gave up their time including Waine Turner, Ryan Hamer, Kerry-Louise and more!
Local shops and groups helped with donations for the raffles and fund raising games.
A big thank you to Andy Olsen and Shirley Creasey who played a big part in the organisation of the day also.
Call back for the total raised shortly!

Tuesday 10 August 2010

BFKKO Falcon Fight Academy together open new club to support three villages!

Star Kickboxing, as it will be called, started off in style tonight when over 20 names were registered after an open evening which included a demonstration by World Champions Leif Taggart and Kerry-Louise.

Children were also treated to 1st hand introductory tuition by this skilful pair assisted by their mentor Cris Janson-Piers.

The class will run weekly on a Tuesday evening and will provide a great facility for people in the villages of Scrooby, Torworth and Ranskill, plus the other neighbouring areas who find it hard to travel to such facilities normally.

Yet another success story for the Falcon and the BFKKO, even when some clubs blame the recession for low numbers! It's quiet simple...if you supply the quality you will receive the following of great students.

Feel free to contact Cris about this brand new club on 07973 748907.

Nice to be happy for others!

If there's one thing that makes me happy it's.....

seeing others happy and on the 7th August 2010, there were plenty of those people about.
Here's James "Lights Out Olsen" taking the win over me in our charity bout by the way of 3rd round KO!

Shame Guinness didn't sponsor me for my refreshments that evening!
Thanks to all the beautiful people who were part of this great day.

Yours Cris

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Saturday 7th August Fund Raiser in aid of The Downs Syndrome Association

Saturday 7th August will see a fund raising event in aid of The Downs Syndrome Association which will take place at the Lyric Theatre Dinnington.

The doors will open at 11.30am and registered and recognised fighters will enter the ring on a continuous basis right through until the final bell at 5.30pm at night.

During this time there will be fighters from many styles including Boxing, Kickboxing, K1, Thai Boxing, Kick Jutsu, Grappling, Karate and MMA. These will all be looked after by International "A" class referees Phil Dews and Bob Taggart.

Amongst the fighters will be some of the best fighters and World champions the country has seen, it is believed Johnny Nelson, Junior Witter and other boxers will be there. Definitely in attendance will be World Kickboxing and K1 Champions Ryan Hamer,

Waine Turner, Kerry-Louise, Leif Taggart and more!

The object of the exercise is to raise as much money for the DSA as possible. There will be an evening event where fund raising will carry on until late, backed by lively music and a bar. (Evening entry is free but by invitation only!).

The BFKKO and Falcon Fight academy is no stranger to fund raising and is pleased to be associated and recognised by the DSA.

The last event was held at Bradford Bulls Rugby ground for
Impact Young Heroes

For full details of Saturdays event please contact Cris on 07973 748907.
Why not come down and support the fighters in the day, bring your cameras and autograph books!

All sponsorship donations should only be given to anyone who holds an official DSA sponsorship form.