Monday 4 April 2016

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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Great results for Star Kickboxing Club


Well done to our Scrooby Star Kickboxing club.....Kerrys very own 3 neighbouring villages kickboxing club, Scrooby, Ranskill and Torworth.

Tonight saw McKenzie, Ewan, Olivia and Harvey pass their gradings in style.

The 10 strong class is credit to such a series of small out of the way villages, the children and parents alike support everything that we do.

Chloe, who assists in class stretch offs is seen here with our very own Kerry-Louise the peoples champion.

Thanks to all for being part of the team!!!

Saturday 14 December 2013

No break, no, not even for "Kit Kat"

Caitlin Chapman v Claudia Rollo for the Junior WKA Briish title -52kg

Caitlins preparation for this fight was as good as any professional fighter , this girl went to hell and back in the preparation for this fight!

Current Scottish champion Claudia Rollo had a very  successful year taking Gold at the unified games in the full contact section ... Knowing this Caitlin turned up on the day full of confidence ,,,  Caitlin came out in the first round with a storming performance the pace that she had set herself was out of this world and it continued in to the 2nd.

Both girls gave everything to try and clinch that belt. 3rd round Claudia came out with a little fire in her belly and turned up the heat on Caitlin, but been the fighter Caitlin is she moved well, countering punches like a pro and overcame the storm to take that round.

The 4th round was just like the first 2 with Caitlin stepping up the pace once again. You could see that this was becoming a problem for her opponent, with another round in the bag we  could sense the victory but had to make sure of it.

The fight entered the final round  which saw a performance which any coach would be proud of , both girls came out with a different game plan, Rollo looking for that one big shot and Caitlin determined not to let her land it with great movement and with another  great perfomance Caitlin dominated the fight  and took  all 5 round on the judges score cards to become the new WKA british Champion.

Report by 
Head Coach ISOMA

MEKA putting their name well n truly on the map!!

Great news!!!

Connor Farrell & Ryan Bunn  both contended fights at the fight night at the unit in glossop.

All fights on the bill were light continuous. And now it was time for the lads to put all that they have been learning in the last 14 months into action

Up first was Connor, just turned 16, he was straight  on Jordan Taylor into range punches & kicks then back out picking up the points & moving well, knowing Jordan likes to throw jumping spinning kicks. 

By the end Lee Morgan (MEKA coach and himself an international kickboxing champion) knew Connor had done enough for the win. 

By now the pressure was on Ryan and 3 fights from the end on a 30 fight bill. 

So Ryan was hitting and moving well in the first round building a lead, then Dan Twigg  pressed hard with pace & power leaving Ryan a little shocked and with it all to do. By now both were very tired then Ryan finished the round strong in what  was a very close fight. Ryan had just done enough.

2 fights 2 wins  well done to the MEKA lads, the first set of wins of many we believe!!!

Monday 2 December 2013

SDF at the Sheffield Octagon put on a splendour of a show!

Yes Paul Powers and Richard Hepworth yet again! Show the Kickboxing World how it should be done. Sanctioned under the professional eye and guidance of the BFKKO/WFKKO their December 1st show at the Sheffield Octagon went without hitch!

With a Fantastic finale of a GB v France International under K1 rules and 1 MMA bout, to be followed by "Mr Sheffield STEEL" himself Alex MacKenzie contesting the vacant World K1 Rules title against Frances Patrick Boyer.

Forcing a stoppage Alex MacKenzie proved not only was he a worthy World Champion but that the way the two warriors fought proved that a WFKKO World title is all it is recognised to be, hard hitting and a title that once held is one to be proud of and held high. Many a famous Champion has fought and won one of these titles!

World President Cris Janson-Piers said  "The French opponent was tough, he came out hard and technical, but I spoke to Alex before the fight and he knew this. I said what's your fight plan? He said, I am gonna let him come in the first round, take it on the gloves, lean on him and wear him down and that is exactly what he did.....when Alex saw his opponent slowing he fired up the 6 cylinders he had been leaving on tick over and went to work! I said at ringside, I must remember never to let Alex MacKenzie hit me! At ringside it is far easier to here and see the power in his devastating punches, especially his uppercuts...they thud in like a brick hammer. All credit to his French opponent who was hard as nails and very resiliant, but being hit like that time and time again can only result in one thing and that's exactly what happened, victory to the NEW World WFKKO K1 Rules Champion, Mr Alex MacKenzie and one hell of a nice chap to boot! I am proud to have such Champions lift one of our belts!"
Full fight night report will be issued shortly!

Monday 18 November 2013

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Sunday 17 November 2013

Massive Success of Interclub 16/11/2013

How magical is this, youngsters growing into the sport. A great friendly interclub along with highly qualified officials and very respectful coaches, thank you all for making this a great day!

lThese two little girls are awarded "Fight of the day" and EQUAL "Fighter of the Day".

There will be a DVD and image disc available soon!