Sunday 20 February 2011

Thank you and respect to allyou Athletes and Coaches!!!

Dear all concerned,

I thought I would put pen to paper as I am getting inundated with emails and telephone calls re the WAKO British Full
Contact Championships next weekend in Nottingham.

This is merely a professional statement and a notification so people are not left hanging on, I certainly don't want to be
personally seen to be letting anyone down. The Championships are on Sunday 27th February 2011. Full details of times, email and contact telephone number can be obtained by going to , everything is on the very 1st page of that site so its easy accessible.

I would like to say to everyone in the amateur field of WAKO (Regardless of disciplines) that I am now purely moving over to running WAKO Pro as the President of WAKO Pro GB itself. It is a great sadness for me as I have spent the last 6 years totally devoted to building and rebuilding the amateur scene at WAKO. Hopefully it will continue to be strong. I am going to miss some very good friends and colleagues in the game, but I am sure all the coaches I deal with every day have
professional fighters too, so we will be staying in contact obviously.

I will, of course still be featuring full contact fight nights and championships and as you all know they are usually heavily
undercarded by amateurs and novices, so as I say please, please do not lose touch.

My email is on my profile or you can contact me at As per usual, this subject is not for discussion on here, I just know there’s a lot of you read on here! However the doors and my ears are open, good luck to you all!

Respect and good wishes.....hoping you have a great day at the championships!
Dont forget all the details are on

CJP :-/