Sunday 17 October 2010

BFKKO Exacting Standards

It is not very often you see an interclub run to such high standards, but as all the BFKKO officials are also top class WAKO officials I suppose it was to be expected.
It was also great to see that everyone was wearing good quality safety equipment with most of it been supplied by KO Pro one of the leaders in its field when it comes to safety. KO Pro is now he official supplier for WAKO GB and WAKO Pro GB ringsports, for the BFKKO and WFKKO and also for WOMAA for their ringsports too.
All our disciplines are actually fought in the ring on interclub day even points as the gyms we use are filled to brim with supporters just as yesterday was at Tim Nibletts new headquarters! (Nice gym Tim). A medal is given to all participants and we match as accurately as possible. Even at the times when one fighter may be slightly heavier the BFKKO's strict policies and refereeing skills make sure everyones safety is highly considered and monitored at all times.
Yesterday we were proud to welcome several of the BFKKO clubs, namely Falcon Martial Arts Mansfield (Who hosted the show), NEKA led by World Champion Wes Fagan, Falcon MMA Glyn Smith, Falcon Kick Jutsu Glyn Smith, Musashi Kickboxing Alexis Bolsunovs, Black Falcon Kickboxing, Karate, K1 and Light Continuous led by Kerry-Louise and Cris. Sensei Adele Terry led DEMMA in Professor Dave Terrys absence.
Several styles were on show. The BFKKO runs WAKO rules for all their shows and also involves all their styles including the new Amateur MMA system recently developed by WAKO also.
Competition was fair and unbiased, with all the children taking away so much from the competition in as far as experience and starting out in competition fighting and the thrill which comes with it.
The Adults also enjoyed the competitive spirit and it allowed the coaches to assess them further for the big stage when they step into the ring for the very first time!

Glyn Smith, pictured above made sure that all fighters adhered stringently to the BFKKO rules for Kick Jutsu and the WAKO rules for MMA which were as stated already implemented on the day.
A great day was had by all an it was so nice to see so many smiling faces all enjoying what they loved most......martial arts under one of the leading organisations in the country, the BFKKO who are proud to be recognised by WAKO the World Governing Body for Kickboxing.
Some action shots below!!!!

Sunday 10 October 2010

Fantastic Falcons!!!

What a great day at Falcon Fight academy gradings yesterday! With so many students excelling in all styles.
We had Muay Thai, Karate and Kickboxing.
Kerry-Louises "Tots" graded and couldn't we tell they are taught by a multi World Champion!!!!

Well done to James Kay, the only Muay Thai student to take his grading on the day.
Pictured with Kru Leif Taggart afterwards.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Outstanding show coming up

The Hammer, does it yet again!!!!

 The Hammer!!
-66.8 WAKO PRO British title defence 7x2 minute rounds
Challenger James Cornick (Bulldog Gym) V Holder Ryan “The Hammer” Hamer (Falcon Fight Academy)

Ryan Hamer one of Falcon Fight Academys long time students and top instructors was out to defend his WAKO Pro title last weekend on the 2nd October in Basildon Essex at a show promoted by Tony Willis of 5 Elements Martial Arts.
Ryan has struggled to get fights this year as miraculously opponents who believe they are top draw or ranked No1 had a string of excuses when it come to being challenged by Hamer!

Ryan and management had to have second thoughts and finally decided it was best if he had was at least kept busy. So tough and keen opponents were found. This weeks fight was against the tough James Cornick from the credible Bulldog Gym in Bournemouth.

This fight started off with a typical “pros” start, both fighters cautious and trying to search out the faults and weaknesses of their opponent. Both fighters also showing early on the fantastic power from both hands and feet. Towards the end of the first round both Hamer and Cornick stepped it up, James pushing forward and Ryan moving and striking on the counter with very clever and powerful boxing.

The mid rounds saw James continuing to work, but Ryan just kept pushing forward using his ring craft well which forced James to miss with his attacks on several occasions. James looked strong throughout but couldn’t land that big shot on an ever moving Ryan. Hamer threw some of his big “Bombs” to the body of James and he absorbed them well even as the sound of the punches echoed through the building.

The final round came and Ryan had done enough to take the win and James now needed the KO. Knowing this his corner (John Orchard) had told him to tuck up and go for it and he really pushed for it but Ryan played careful, just as coached for the last and  he hit and moved to stay out of trouble. A very technical fight with James Cornick coming away from the fight he took at a heavier weight with so much valuable experience. This man is certainly one to watch and one you may see as a champion very soon himself!
Winner and still WAKO Pro British champion Ryan Hamer.

Ryan is due out again in a couple of weeks where he will be changing his fight style completely as his next opponent was sat in the crowd at Essex. This will be for the ISKA Pro British title, again Ryan showing willingness as he is World class through and through as we all know!