Tuesday 17 December 2013

Great results for Star Kickboxing Club


Well done to our Scrooby Star Kickboxing club.....Kerrys very own 3 neighbouring villages kickboxing club, Scrooby, Ranskill and Torworth.

Tonight saw McKenzie, Ewan, Olivia and Harvey pass their gradings in style.

The 10 strong class is credit to such a series of small out of the way villages, the children and parents alike support everything that we do.

Chloe, who assists in class stretch offs is seen here with our very own Kerry-Louise the peoples champion.

Thanks to all for being part of the team!!!

Saturday 14 December 2013

No break, no, not even for "Kit Kat"

Caitlin Chapman v Claudia Rollo for the Junior WKA Briish title -52kg

Caitlins preparation for this fight was as good as any professional fighter , this girl went to hell and back in the preparation for this fight!

Current Scottish champion Claudia Rollo had a very  successful year taking Gold at the unified games in the full contact section ... Knowing this Caitlin turned up on the day full of confidence ,,,  Caitlin came out in the first round with a storming performance the pace that she had set herself was out of this world and it continued in to the 2nd.

Both girls gave everything to try and clinch that belt. 3rd round Claudia came out with a little fire in her belly and turned up the heat on Caitlin, but been the fighter Caitlin is she moved well, countering punches like a pro and overcame the storm to take that round.

The 4th round was just like the first 2 with Caitlin stepping up the pace once again. You could see that this was becoming a problem for her opponent, with another round in the bag we  could sense the victory but had to make sure of it.

The fight entered the final round  which saw a performance which any coach would be proud of , both girls came out with a different game plan, Rollo looking for that one big shot and Caitlin determined not to let her land it with great movement and with another  great perfomance Caitlin dominated the fight  and took  all 5 round on the judges score cards to become the new WKA british Champion.

Report by 
Head Coach ISOMA

MEKA putting their name well n truly on the map!!

Great news!!!

Connor Farrell & Ryan Bunn  both contended fights at the fight night at the unit in glossop.

All fights on the bill were light continuous. And now it was time for the lads to put all that they have been learning in the last 14 months into action

Up first was Connor, just turned 16, he was straight  on Jordan Taylor into range punches & kicks then back out picking up the points & moving well, knowing Jordan likes to throw jumping spinning kicks. 

By the end Lee Morgan (MEKA coach and himself an international kickboxing champion) knew Connor had done enough for the win. 

By now the pressure was on Ryan and 3 fights from the end on a 30 fight bill. 

So Ryan was hitting and moving well in the first round building a lead, then Dan Twigg  pressed hard with pace & power leaving Ryan a little shocked and with it all to do. By now both were very tired then Ryan finished the round strong in what  was a very close fight. Ryan had just done enough.

2 fights 2 wins  well done to the MEKA lads, the first set of wins of many we believe!!!

Monday 2 December 2013

SDF at the Sheffield Octagon put on a splendour of a show!

Yes Paul Powers and Richard Hepworth yet again! Show the Kickboxing World how it should be done. Sanctioned under the professional eye and guidance of the BFKKO/WFKKO their December 1st show at the Sheffield Octagon went without hitch!

With a Fantastic finale of a GB v France International under K1 rules and 1 MMA bout, to be followed by "Mr Sheffield STEEL" himself Alex MacKenzie contesting the vacant World K1 Rules title against Frances Patrick Boyer.

Forcing a stoppage Alex MacKenzie proved not only was he a worthy World Champion but that the way the two warriors fought proved that a WFKKO World title is all it is recognised to be, hard hitting and a title that once held is one to be proud of and held high. Many a famous Champion has fought and won one of these titles!

World President Cris Janson-Piers said  "The French opponent was tough, he came out hard and technical, but I spoke to Alex before the fight and he knew this. I said what's your fight plan? He said, I am gonna let him come in the first round, take it on the gloves, lean on him and wear him down and that is exactly what he did.....when Alex saw his opponent slowing he fired up the 6 cylinders he had been leaving on tick over and went to work! I said at ringside, I must remember never to let Alex MacKenzie hit me! At ringside it is far easier to here and see the power in his devastating punches, especially his uppercuts...they thud in like a brick hammer. All credit to his French opponent who was hard as nails and very resiliant, but being hit like that time and time again can only result in one thing and that's exactly what happened, victory to the NEW World WFKKO K1 Rules Champion, Mr Alex MacKenzie and one hell of a nice chap to boot! I am proud to have such Champions lift one of our belts!"
Full fight night report will be issued shortly!

Monday 18 November 2013

New Falcon Fight Academy Facebook Page

Members of Falcon Fight Academy

Join our facebook page by going to it and liking it....
this way you will receive every update instantly without having to search anywhere.

We cannot be held responsible for any actions, closures, missed promotions etc if members are not part of the loop.
Please don't say you weren't told.

GO HERE and like the page please....  


Sunday 17 November 2013

Massive Success of Interclub 16/11/2013

How magical is this, youngsters growing into the sport. A great friendly interclub along with highly qualified officials and very respectful coaches, thank you all for making this a great day!

lThese two little girls are awarded "Fight of the day" and EQUAL "Fighter of the Day".

There will be a DVD and image disc available soon!

Friday 1 November 2013

Christmas Stock Specials and huge savings!

Hiya all
Well its getting nearer and nearer, you may be asking what shall I buy 'em for Xmas or what should I suggest to people????
Whether it be one item or the full kit, then look no further.
We have special offers on FULL KIT packages and plenty of singular stock items on our shelves.
PLEASE DO NOT FORGET, our suppliers of fight safety equipment, KO Pro deliver only top quality leather products and of which are accepted by our insurers.
(DO NOT BUY CHEAP IMMITATIONS that are designed for light or home use as you will not be allowed to use them in our gymnasiums)

We also have a full range of apparel (Sports Clothing) in stock including official Falcon and BFKKO uniform.

You need to act soon as we are receiving orders already! A non returnable deposit will hold any item.
We have items not on show that are still available such as headguards, kick pads, Muay Thai pads and much more.
K1 or Muay Thai fighters or Students.Look at this equipment, the quality "Oozes" This set is available with cloth shin and instep also which will make it a little cheaper.
Comes with our newest Pro gloves in Red Blue or All Black.

KO Pro long Satin trousers with stars down a gold stripe on the leg are the sign of the Falcon but can be worn by any fighter or student of course.

Points figters, have that advantage, great fighting equipment, hard wearing leather but still lightweight for speed!


If you want to see our full range, please request the brochure by email at crisjansonpiers@googlemail.com we accept paypal, online banking or bank transfers too.

Monday 28 October 2013

For those who can!!!

Pictured above, a young Jordan Waring and family and friends who are no longer with the club unfortunately.

Outward Bound course this weekend!
Bring your pack up, warm drinks
Waterproofs, Towels
Old Clothing you can throw away (Not martial arts wear)
11am til 2pm unless you fail before that time of course
Arrange a lift at Anston Parish Hall for no earlier than 2.30pm
Photos and Video of the day
No Spectators!
You may be able to run, but you certainly wont be able to hide!!!!!!

Sunday 27 October 2013

Cracking Cambridge!!

Some of last nights fighters and winners!
Another great night of action promoted by Dan Healey and Tri-Style Promotions.
The venue was the lovely Cambridge Guild Hall.
After the building and area being evacuated due to a suspect bomb being found in the city centre which was dealt with by the way of two controlled explosions the night went without a hitch and full credit to all the people involved.
There were some great K1 Rules and MMA fights.
A VIP guest at ringside was Paralympian Shot Putter and Javelin thrower Danny Nobbs, he is now in  hard training for the Rio Olympics

Danny Nobbs Paralympian

The Falcons very own Lee Suttie fought a very hard and well contended fight against Craig Bull of Cambridge, eventually winning by points decision.

The knee that stopped the fight and gave Kelly the title!

Ed Kelly
Southern Area K1 Rules Champion

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Falcon n BFKKO Outward Bound Course Saturday 2nd November!

Falcon n BFKKO Outward Bound Course Saturday 2nd November!
Can you stand the cold, the wet, the dirt? Can you carry on when others want to stop?
Fun Games n Hard Work 
all rolled into one.
Plenty booked on it now, so where are you????
Start time 11am , finish when last person is standing! LOL....
Not really but it will be at least 2.5 to 3 hours.
Old clothes needed, a flask and some snap.
Course will be local.
Sorry NO spectators.
Soem pictures of the past will be posted here soon.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Scrooby STAR Kickboxing Club ready to do battle

Scrooby Children are busy preparing for the up and coming interclub.
A non scoring competition to build confidence and enable all to take part in the ring.
The smaller children wear full protection as pictured.
The whole event is actually overseen by top class World level officials to minimise risk and ensure all enjoy taking part.
All low kicks are really controlled and full shin protection is worn to avoid any uneccesarry impact whilst attempting to block attacks.

We are careful to show children in an equal environment whilst sparring as that's the way we teach the youngsters....respect and NO bullying!
Even our little girls are great fighters, what do they expect being taught by a female 8 times World Pro Champion in Kerry-Louise....
If you are a junior fighter or an istructor of the BFKKO and want to be involved why not enquire about or next up and coming interclub its "In the ring" at Falcon Fight Academy on Saturday 16th November.
No Decisions and a kickboxing medal for EVERY participant!!

Saturday 12 October 2013

100% Grading Success for Falcon Fight Academy of the BFKKO

A great day today, the 12th October 2013 when Falcon Fight Academy turned out a 100% pass rate in the K1 Rules and Kickboxing gradings held at their HQ in Sheffield.
Callum Simmons attained a 1st Class pass, the only one of the day and Katie Greaves excelled and was awarded "Grader of the day".

Noticeable achievements by all , youngsters and seniors but again 3 ladies also standing out were
Michell Hill, Alex Harris and Mia Cavanagh. Some of their techniques were caught on camera!

Sunday 6 October 2013

BFKKO/WFKKO continues to be a leader in Fight Promotion

Yes, once again the BFKKO/WFKKO was represented so well by NEKA up in County Durham under top coach and promoter, World Champion, Wesley Fagan. On the evening of the 5th October 2013 Wez brought together some of the top talent in the country including a fighting hit squad from Northern Ireland.

Although the evening finished off with some all on Full Contact adult Kickboxing the day went to the junior and youth element with one figter from NEKA challenging for a Northern Area Title and a young lady, again from NEKA fighting for the WFKKO European Junior Light Contact title.

Although every fighter put 110% in, noticeable performances were attained by Josh Elgy, Caitlin Chapman, Charlotte Watts, and Alan Chapman on what was to be his retirement fight. All the Northern Irish fighters did their country proud.

Terri Stuart (NEKA) LC Junior European Title winner seen below breaking through with a powerful side kick which accurately found its target.

Tears of joy from Terri Stuart

Kane Waters (Spartans) LC BFKKO Northern Area Title

Some of the other noticeable fighters on the day!
Caitlin Chapman

Alan Chapman, still kickong strong on his way to retirement

There was also some great martial arts skills entertainment on the night from the "Mini Divas" and the "New Breed" and a fantastic guitar and singing solo performed by one of wez's students.

Thanks to all the National and International BFKKO and WFKKO officials on the day, superb job!
Photography by Cris Janson-Piers of Janson-Piers Imaging www.cjp.moonfruit.com

LOOK OUT for more action with the BFKKO and WFKKO with some more top shows before Christmas including top level Pro MMA, A great show down in Cambridge and the always fantastic "Octagon" December show. Also not to be missed is Falcon Fight Academies very own interclub which is all about fighter development, an ideal starting block for any fighting athlete!

If you would like to promote under the BFKKO/WFKKO banner, or be on one of these elite shows then just call Cris on 07973 748907.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Big call out coming soon!

Big call out coming soon!
Who am I going to invite into the talons of the Falcon?
Can they rise to the challenge or will nerves and DOUBT get the better of them?

Falcon does it Again and Again!

Another terrific show promoted by SDF of Sheffield and another fantastic result for Falcon Fight Academy.

Lee Suttie, one of Falcons newest first time fighters respectfully took a clear victory over his opponent with a KO In the 1st round of a scheduled 3 round amateur K1 Rules bout.

Suttie, who has put hours and hours of extra practice in since being told he was to be fighting saw the "just rewards" beating a very strong and fisety opponent in Matt Burrell.

Burrell came straight at Suttie from the bell, but that is exactly what he had been training for and was more than prepared......after letting the storm settle Suttie carried on with the plan and systematically placed very technical scoring combinations.

With strong, unsettling knees and some lovely devastating powerful push kicks Lee started to show he had what it takes. He moved in with the hands and after catching Burrell sweet he realised the opening was there and delivered a straight right hand which ended the bout and gave him his first ever win on his first time out of the elite Falcon stable!

Full respect to Matt in being a very strong

 and sporting opponent!

The rest of the show saw some other great fights and again being a BFKKO Show it was very successful for the organisation too!

Some action from a semi pro K1 rules fight:

Thursday 18 April 2013

Kickboxing, Low Kick Kickboxing, K1 Rules does the name matter?

From the desk of CJP.

All I want to see is the BEST fighters fighting the BEST fighters! There's too many organisations about these days to be worried about or decide which one is best! This very politically bound sport seems to create close working circles, which are sometimes harder to break into than a forts Port Cullis! 

Just by looking at our fighters web site at www.whitescorpion.moonfruit.com it is simple to see by their accolades they and I have been associated with most of the top organisations on many occasions over the many years we have been on the amateur and professional fight circuit and we still are.

It's not even about belts for me or like minded coaches, its about the most important things in the equation, the FIGHTERS.

Do coaches/managers push their fighters in certain directions or make too big a financial demand to try and make the possibility of matchmaking so difficult that the proposed matches may never happen?

I know that as a fighter myself, in the years that have passed so quickly, I wanted to fight the best and so do my own students now.

I have two fighters in mind who have more than proved themselves on many occasions and have both fought and won at world level, who are prepared to challenge any fighter who believes they are at the top of their game. 

Whilst many a fighter, who may be seen as an underdog and probably do not have much to lose are happy to raise a challenge it appears some fighters elevate quickly through media and then think they are too good to face real challenges that they do not have to travel abroad for.

Some of the blame lies with promoters too, who's interests are purely financial and see certain fighters as a monetary asset, which is understandable in some ways but it shouldn't mean they are locked into their grasp with ball and chain. As stated many of the BFKKO/WFKKO Champions are champions within ISKA, WAKO, WKA, etc and they are never questioned when contending for another organsations title or defence.

Jordan Waring (20 Years old)
Pro Kickboxing K1 Rules Style from 70-72kg 
Looking for any level at all under 21 years old.
Leif Taggart (22 Years old)
Pro Kickboxing K1 Rules Style from 62k -63.5kg.

Challenges welcome for these guys and any current fighter on www.whitescorpion.moonfruit.com

Sunday 31 March 2013

More BFKKO Champions go on record

Another great show hosted by Wez Fagan at the Lamplight Theatre Stanley. The NEKA Team once again did the BFKKO proud, that's in the ring and by the organisers and helpers too!

The show produced the following titles.....

Northern Area title junior light contact -57kg Banarin Carter  NEKA

Northern Area title ladies -60kg full contact Laura Burnett -Kuei Ling

Northern Area title men's -71kg full contact Phil Smith Kuei Ling