Thursday 6 December 2012

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Steel City Do it again!!

Well guys! I have got to make a statement today!

This Sunday evening the BFKKO/WFKKO sanctioned the Octagon Steel City has to be said it is one of the most elite and professional shows in Great Britain. We do have many shows run each ye

ar through the organisation too which come very near, but this one does seem to attract a massive and varied card.

The octagon does just what the name implies, it brings fighters from all countries, organisations and groups, styles and disciplines together under one roof.

The result is a great flagship. Paul Powers and Richard Hepworth, as promoters, stand proud, very proud!

Last night we witnessed some fantastic novices getting in the ring, the foundation for further growth in our sport and in the organisation! We saw some household names in prestige fights, which many could have been title fights just on merit alone!

Alex Mackenzie lifted the WFKKO European title belt under the hard hitting K1 Rules system after a hard fought fight against his French opponent. He administered not only his trademark sledgehammer body hooks but applied these to the face of his opponent too! The French fighter proved to be a very wise and well seasoned fighter and rode the storm each time Mackenzie put him under pressure. Alex impressed the judges with his cleaner stronger shots and his variation of attacking technique. Mr "Nice Guy" of the SDF Sheffield camp was certainly ALL smiles when he had the coveted belt placed around his waist!

Although not being a title fight, one fight on the night was already seen as though it was going to be the fight of the year and oh boy, it proved much more than that! It was a K1 5 x 3 minute round bout between the well known, rock hard, massively well seasoned, Christian Di Paolo from Sheffield and the new up and coming rising super star of twenty one year old Joe Mcgovan also of Sheffield. Joe, who trains out of the SDF Gym has had many wins by first round KO and some people wrongly questioned his capabilities and staying power because of this, these people had egg on their face even before this, his next chapter!!! Joe has travelled the World with myself on the Great Britain team, I have seen him grow and mature and this was to be his biggest test to date. Joe knows that it’s better to be fighting true warriors than having an inflated fight record by beating second rate opponents.

This is not a fight report it is my personal thank you to Joe and Christian for giving the World what it needed! You both put on the finest display of K1 Rules Kickboxing I have ever witnessed in my 30 years plus in the sport. This statement is not made lightly, it is fact and if anyone wasn’t there and wants to witness it then buy the DVD! We have photos, which also express power, pain, pressure, but most of all true sportsmanship and professionalism right to the very end!!
I had no favourites in this fight, I just had respect and a respect which has just increased for both fighters tenfold!

Christian you are a giant, not many would dare to stand in front of you in that form, you were a gent in and out of the ring. Chris could not only administer the massive blows, he was so conditioned even Joes best shots didn’t faze him. Totally in the zone you were K1 Rules perfection.

With one of the biggest name in Muay Thai Christian had to adapt to a new rule set in K1 Rules, but it also has to be said you and your coach had done your homework on the rules and your fighter and worked on a fight strategy that worked.

Christian your name will always now stay with me as one of my all time best fighters. I am proud to know you! Respect Sir!

Joe what can I say, you have never shyed away from anyone, your record against formidable opponents at 21years old is a record most senior level and aged fighters would love. Another guy with a great friendly attitude not wanting to appear to be above his station in life. Tonight might not have been the night when you won on the cards, but believe me son it was a win in furthering your fight repertoire.
You are respected by many and give back to the younger generation in your teaching and at such an age I believe you will be become one of the best fighters in the World and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Power, skill, speed, fitness and the desire to learn, Joe Mcgovan trust me you are going to be a household name!!! Those shots you put in tonight Joe would have stopped many, but be proud to know that you trod the canvas with Christian Di Paolo, one of our countries true Jewells, you gave an impeccable display, went the distance and made every spectator in the arena proud, my ears are still ringing from the noise of the crowd by the way!!!!!
As an organisation we now look forward to the Grimsby show next week another quality and prestige BFKKO show! (Leading by example).

Thanks to everyone whether you be a direct member , affiliated member or just a friend of the BFKKO/WFKKO, we are here for you "The People"

New fighters and promoters are more than welcome to join us next year!! 2011 and 2012 were our biggest years ever, what's 2013 gonna be like!!!

Wednesday 28 November 2012

It is gonna be huge! great.... BFKKO SHOW ON YOUR DOORSTEP

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Monday 19 November 2012

Very Important Information to come!!

Keep your eye on this space, we have some very important information to update you all on, but we are just awaiting an email.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Jordan Waring Pro European K1 Rules Champion

Waring has not only added the WFKKO Pro K1 rules Welterweight title to his own trophy cabinet but he has completed the Falcon success story and goal for 2012.
Janson-Piers, head man at FFA DINNINGTON Sheffield ( said "After the last three years of massive success stories the team and I really set our sights high, I wanted all my top K1 fighters to take the next level title up and also worked so hard to achieve several high level World Golds at the 2012 World Games. Kerry-Louise added another World title to her K1 achievements, Taggart a Pro English and this latest one by the man of the moment!

Warings fight was hosted by Dan Healys Tri Style Martial Arts of Saffron Walden at the Forum in Hatfield and was held under the sanctioning of the WFKKO one of the countries leading organisations who are part of the World Governing Body for kickboxing.

It was to be a 5 x 3 minute Pro K1 Rules European title fight against 3 times French champion and Thailand stadium winner Mattheiu Floch of France, certainly Warings toughest opponent ever to date. Waring still only 20 years old is always looking to better himself and next year will be no exception. He and coach have already got eyes on young blood who are trying to climb the welterweight ranks at the moment and when that's sorted he is prepared to be tested against some of the household names before either defending or moving up to the next level.

The fight was all it was hyped up to be and it went all 5 rounds. The team were well aware of the Frenchmans power and staying power and at no time in the fight underestimated him. Taking the first two rounds comfortably on every judges card Waring was put to test in the third when Floch registered two 10-10 scores out of the 3, however, with a change to the fight strategy Waring went on to secure the last two with a full house of 50 points on every judges card giving him a unanimous and clear points win over a prime athlete in Mattheiu Floch. The French team were notably very professional at all times and gracefully accepted the defeat as sportsmen to be proud of!

The action hasn't finished yet for the BFKKO and WFKKO as they still have to host some of the UK's top fights at the Octagon, Sheffield and Beachcomber Club Cleethorpes both in December.
The Octagon will witness, probably the fight of the year in Christian Di Paolo v Joe Magovan in a 5 round pro prestige K1 Rules fight, tickets still available do not miss out!!!

Thursday 15 November 2012

Jordan Waring Back in action this weekend!

Time served! Dedication! Regular TRAINING!!!! Thats what makes a champ!!

It has to be said that the only way to the top is to be dedicated to your sport! It wont just come to you, you have to work hard, train every day and miss out on the finer things in life sometimes.
But we do have a special breed of champions who have committed and some who have trained from as young as 4 years old and now in their 16th year of training.
They have now moved on even further and also teach the "Falcon" way, ensuring we will have 1st class champions and a reputation which will always remain unquestioned!
We are proud of what we have achieved and it will carry on for many years to come.
"FALCON"....soaring above any competition!

Monday 12 November 2012

Sunday 11 November 2012

WAKO Pro Title for Leif Taggart and the Black Falcon Crew!

Saturday 10th November saw Leif Taggart endure a 5 x 3 minute rounds of K1 action in his WAKO Pro English title fight on the IMPACT 1V show at Middlesbrough promoted by Alan Chapman.
Fighting Andrew Lofthouse from the Siam Camp in Oldham he was pushed all the way!

Going into round three the boyz were 1 a piece and Taggart was told by his corner..."You're fit enough, now up the pace!"

He systematically threw high scoring combinations and started to tot the score up. It has to be said Lofthouse threw several big landing haymakers but Taggarts conditioning and desire to win stood him firm and hard til the final bell.

The respect shown by the two fighters and both camps at the end of the fight was fantastic and a pleasure to see for the witnessing crowd.

A well deserved win and a title that Leif will never forget attaining!!

Pictured below with his coach and manager  Master Cris Janson-Piers and his long time training partner World Champion Kerry-Louise. Leif travels most weeks to Sheffield, again showing his commitment to the sport.

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Take that!

Derby Martial Arts hits the National Newspapers!!!! Well done Ryan and team!!! See this guys, it might give you some ideas yourself!!!

Monday 29 October 2012

Getting to grips "Officially"

On the completion of the BFKKO MMA Coaching course held at Powers Martial Arts Centre Sheffield on 27th October 2012 Executive director of the BFKKO, Master Cris Janson-Piers said…..

“I have just finished editing the video of the 7 hour Stage 1 course we delivered. I am so proud of what we have achieved as an Organisation. Mentors of our very own qualified instructors who administered the course and have been involved over the last 4 years, have been the likes of John and Lisa Higo, Tony Davies and instructors of Total Dojo and of course the one and only Ian the Machine Freeman of whom we are to be doing much more work with.

Putting a training structure
onto paper has been hard work over the years but look at the skill level it has now produced....clean, sharp, professional technique delivered by non egotistical registered and qualified instructors.

Three SDF Instructors, namely Alex Mackenzie, Shaun Weston and Paul Cropper all successfully passed the long course which involved practical and written testing, all assisted by their very own personal instructor on a private 1 to 1 basis. It was a long hard day and participants have to have a high level of fitness and a good understanding to even attempt it.

Because of their previous training and fighting experience in K1, seen as the stand-up side of MMA, the guys could concentrate on the solid MMA techniques of which they have also been very active in.

There are 3 levels to the examining procedure which means instructors qualified under the system can only teach up to a certain level of experience and techniques within a syllabus which relate to that level of qualification. Instructors will then attend further training courses to lead up to the next level of examination.

The opening of MMA clubs has increased rapidly over the last few years and this is when Cris became aware that a lot of clubs opening were being run by people with limited experience and in many cases by people who had no formal qualifications which could later become a massive liability risk. Saying that, there are of course clubs that have been run for several years by leading authorities and champions within the game.

When Cris, himself initially approached his own organisation insurers for MMA cover they refused until they had proof of full training of instructors, which in turn could guarantee regular risk assessment and a structured training and grading programme. There was also a very strict area of discussion which involved the training of children within the sport. (Now called “Combined Martial Arts” within the BFKKO and it’s registered clubs) Which has many restrictions and certain techniques deleted from its training programme, but it allows younger children to build up a framework of groundwork and stood-up skills in preparation for when they come of age and are able to start actual MMA training.

Cris quickly set about this and the system was passed and initially run under the WAKO GB banner until WAKO itself applied for Olympic/GAISF and Sport Accord recognition which meant they could only be active in certain areas in line with the application, so the officers then transferred over to the BFKKO and run the exact same system.

It has remained very successful and the BFKKO remain very happy they have now applied a system and format which has been officially recognised by insurers and of course other groups of martial artists. Although some may question syllabus and grading work within MMA, Cris remains satisfied the system has created a safer training environment and he is even happier that by paying attention to a restricted syllabus for children they too can train in this ever growing and popular sport in safety.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Massive success at 
Muay Thai Grading
Black Falcon Muay Thai 
Falcon Fight Academy witnessed a 100% pass rate tonight of all its Muay Thai students grading under Kru Kerry-Louise.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Kerry-Louise and Parn (Parnpetch Sitpapohm), when they met prior to the Muay Thai officials exam of which she successfully passed along with Shane Lynch, Luke Farmer and Jordan Waring, all of the BFKKO/WFKKO.

Cris Janson-Piers said "I am so happy, we, as the BFKKO have entrusted the examining expertise of Mr Tony Myers of the IBMTO, which in turn has allowed our members to achieve passes at the highest of standards. The organisation will now continue to work with the IBMTO and the UKMF to raise the standards of Muay Thai
within it's ranks."
Kerry-Louise returned to the Falcon H.Q. and the teaching of the Black Falcon Muay Thai club she runs as Kru.

Sunday 9 September 2012


Saturday 9th September 2012 saw Mr Tony Myers conduct a Muay Thai Officials course exclusively for members of the BFKKO at Falcon Fight Academy. A fantastic day, where experienced officials in other styles right through to total beginners were in attendance.
It wasn't long before the complexity of Muay Thai scoring/judging became apparent.

The BFKKO has created a name of very high standards in it's over 30 years of existence and strongly believes in taking the correct steps and measures to make sure any styles within it's accepted systems are governed and judged properly for all involved.
Tony passed on information that was not only beneficial to up and coming officials but also to fighters too. Kerry-Louise is to embark on another new direction in fighting within Muay Thai after receiving her Kru grade in the art and has been working hard at putting fight scoring technique into her armoury with coach Cris Janson-Piers , which will hopefully favour her in the judges eyes in her up and coming bouts. 
Kerry said "I am keen to travel down to Tony again to train with him on a one to one basis as he is a fantastic coach and because he is a top authority in the full game and a specialist where judging and refereeing is concerned, this is why I know all he teaches me will be productive when I am being judged by others".
Martin Wheatley seen here clarifying final pointers before taking the Muay Thai official Assessment.
This was another groundbreaking day in the history of the BFKKO and many people benefited from the expertise of Tony Myers, thank you sir!

Monday 30 July 2012

Kick Jutsu Grading...fantastic results

Sunday 29th July and the BFKKO saw the return of the Falcon Kick Jutsu gradings, the graders on the day were Martin Wheatley (one of the BFKKO senior instructors) , Molly Cooley and Scott Macdonald with Tom Shiels kindly volunteering to be grading partner for Martin, it was a fantastic grading with a very high standard, the grading started with 15 minutes fitness followed by grading syllabus work of stand up techniques to pads then throws locks takedowns and chokes. The belt's bieng taken were yellow and orange it was a tough two hour grading I am pleased to say that all passed with high marks, which is very good with the BFKKO's very high standards.

I would like to add that it is great to see a return of the kick jutsu gradings to the club and although the grading was small in numbers it is keeping the style within the organisation, hopefully we will have more people especially with the popularity of the MMA styles as I feel this is the grass roots traditional part of the MMA system. Well done to all graders.

Report written by Chief Instructor Glyn Smith.

Ambassador/s to be rewarded!

Breaking news! Falcon Fight Academy will feature an Ambassadors wall in its new uplifting marketing campaign. This will also feature Ambassador/s "Par Excellence". Giant posters on the largest gym wall will show the people who have made the "Falcon" what it is today. The Roll of World champions and World Gold Medallist's will also be formed.

There will be an Ambassadors evening and presentation, plus entertainment!

Watch this space!!!!!

Sunday 29 July 2012

Professional Photography on your doorstep!

All our members and their businesses are open to receiving high quality photography and video services at a price they will be able to afford.
Have a look through our web site which is just being constructed.

With skills drawn from 30 years plus in the game and a wealth of sales and marketing experience. 

Thursday 26 July 2012

Marketing Guru to revamp BFKKO and Falcon Fight Academy pre 2013

After successfully taking on a PR Manger earlier this year, the BFKKO will now be utilising the services of a new Marketing Manager who will take the BFKKO and Falcon Fight Academy into 2013 and a Brand New Era!

All good news for everyone involved, watch this space!

Please note our social networking sites and communication pages may be down during initial stages which start this morning.

Kind Regards Cris

Sunday 22 July 2012

GB Team training massive HIT!!

Full story to come from our PR department, but what a fantastic day! The picture below says it all!!
Team GB minus 16 fighters pictured. One of our strongest teams yet.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Another step in the Muay Thai direction

The 18th July saw another huge step for the BFKKO and especially Falcon Fight Academy when Kerry-Louise and Cris traveled down to train with the "man" of Muay thai in GB, Mr Tony Myers.
The session was an intense 1 to 1 over nearly three hours and Tony took Kerry-Kerry Louise through her paces whilst he continuously broke away to explain fine detail in not only technique but scoring techniques and the rules.
Both Kerry-Louise and Cris benefited so much from this session and left confirming a Muay Thai judging course which will be run by Tony later this year up at the Sheffield HQ. (Places will be limited so if you want in then email NOW!!!
Much respect to Tony for his valuable time, the man is a wealth of knowledge and it was a pleasure and privilege to be in his company!

We would like to see every BFKKO Official on this course!

Thursday 5 July 2012

Fahey in fantastic win

On Saturday 29th June Ben Fahey from Satori Martial Arts/BFKKO travelled to Sheffield to fight on the ISKA sanctioned AFK super league show against Yousif Ibrahim of AFK Sheffield. The match was made at -60kg with 3 weeks notice due to a fighter pull out. The fight is one that both camps have wanted for a number of years after they met previously when Ben was 13 and Yousif 16, which ended in a draw.

Ben as always started the fight strong from the 1st bell using well timed punches and low leg kicks as drilled by his coaches Jack Boas and Matt Spring. Ben used his clinch work well not giving the older Yousif chance to get back into the round.

The second round Ben again came out strong landing some big knees in the clinch although yousif was trying to catch the knee and sweep Ben, Ben avoided the sweeps infact putting yousif down with his own sweeping.

The 3rd and final round started with Yousif coming out very strong, as he had lost the previous 2 rounds looking for the KO. This plan though didn’t go his way as yet again Ben showed some superior block/counter combinations  putting his opponent quickly on the back foot. Ben controlled the ring and the fight throughout all 3 rounds.

Satori’s  Dean Robinson stated that "This was one of Ben’s best performances with a good mix of ring craft, skill and excellent sportsmanship shown from both camps". 

Ben would like to thank Dean, Jack Boas, Matt Spring and Lee Swaby for the intense training programme. Ben’s next fight will be at the WOMMA World games in August and then in September on Satori’s show on the 29th September in Lincoln. 

Photographs purchased

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Kerry-Louise Has her own brand new Web Site!

Just being built is this hugely informative Web site on this unassuming 8 times Professional World Champion K1 Rules and Full Contact fighter.

Read about her ideas of now going into Muay Thai fighting and all the training she is going to have to go through to make her first fight one she can at least offer her best challenge in! From the fight to learning in full about how the judges will see the fight. Many changes will have to be made to her fighting but with the wealth of knowledge already offered this should be made much easier. Master Cris Janson-Piers is also going into deep study so he too can guide his fighter of which he has coached since she started at 7 years old!

See Kerry-Louise's site at........  

Thursday 28 June 2012

On Saturday, June 23 at the Lamplight Theatre in Stanley, County Durham, Dinnington's very own Kerry Louise fought for a K1 rules World Title. 

Kerry took on the Italian, Annalisa Bucci, in front of a sold out crowd. There were numerous other undercard fights leading up to this main event. 

As Kerry Louise entered the arena, the crowd erupted as one! This fighter certainly has some very passionate support. There was great support from the North East fans, as well as around 50 to 60 fans and friends, who travelled all the way from the South Yorkshire area, to show their faith in their fighter. 

As the bell rang for the first round, Kerry took a few seconds to get the feel of what her opponent was trying to do. Then, almost immediately, she launched some heavy kicks and punches to give the Italian plenty to think about. Kerry-Louise peppered the front leg of Bucci from the off.

There was a little more from Bucci in round two, but Kerry countered strongly, with some great combinations forging a sound lead. Again the front leg was targeted and a reddening of the area was already apparent. Bucci was seen to be taking the weight off the front leg when she returned to the corner at the end of the 2nd.

Round three started with Kerry putting her opponent on the seat of her pants early on. 

Heavy shots soon had the Italian holding on, to avoid taking any more punishment. The Italian was issued with a warning for breaking the rules towards the end of the round, by bending Kerry-Louise double over the ropes which could have resulted in serious injury. 

In the fourth round, Bucci put in more effort and came forward, but she was continuously countered well by Kerry who cleverly used a reverse step before she went in for the counter whilst Bucci was off footed which was totally frustrating her.

 By this point, Kerry was starting to use her knees very effectively, when the unthinkable happened. A clash, saw Kerry suffer a deep cut to the top of her head, an illegal target area apart from the use of an axe kick. The medic took time to examine the wound and made the decision to call off the fight. 

As the fight was beyond the second round, which is the governing round, the result went to the judges score cards as per the rules. The scores were read out individually and it was announced that Kerry Louise, had gained a unanimous decision by a very wide points margin, to win the WFKKO K1 World Title. Bucci had not won one round as expected.

Kerry was clearly elated to have won the title against such an experienced and awkward opponent. 

Immediately after the fight, Kerry apologised to her fans for not completing the full five rounds, but they answered "You were way in front, you had delivered a perfect school lesson to the Italian! It was clear to see victory was going to be yours anyway! Rules are there for just this reason and rules you both agreed to. Be proud in what was an awesome win. You actually took the shine away from the Italians!"

Kerry, told Postcode Gazette at ringside, "I knew she would take a lot of punishment, as she is a tough fighter. I thought it was over when I hit her with a massive right hand which rattled my own bicep!" I took her down to the floor off a caught kick and then her body kicks diminished as she knew that's what I would do every time she kicked, because of this I took away one of her main lines of attacks. She then just didn't throw enough hands or feet to contend for this title or to answer my attacks."

Kerry also added "It was a hard fight, but I worked hard to show the fans what I had." 

After the fight, Kerry Louise personally went and thanked each and every one of the fans who had travelled to the North East for her fight. She even took time out to have photograghs taken with her fans. 

This lady just oozes pure class! 

Her coach and manager, Cris Janson Piers, the owner of the gym where Kerry-Louise trains, Falcon Fight Academy in Dinnington told me that her next fight will almost definitely be a Muay Thai bout as they now want variation for her. 

On the day Cris' other fighter World Champion, Wesley Fagan also took on an Italian in Davide  Guarino who he fought in a prestige battle over 7 rounds. This was an electric full contact bout in which Fagan won on a unanimous points decision.

Although both Italian fighters were very polite and professional, on a bit of a sour note the Italian coach was not happy. Way back from previous fights it has always been witnessed that he is happy to talk highly of his fighters whilst they are winning but always cannot accept defeat and then verbally attacks organisations, officials and fighters, even when it is quiet clear.

Our reports are usually written from a major sporting angle whether our fighters win or lose but this time, unfounded comments have angered us. The Italian coach knew the rules and had agreed to all circumstances months before the fights. one of the fights was stopped after the governing round because of an illegal blow to the head which caused a cut. The fight was stopped and the score cards completed as per the rules of which he was well aware was the correct procedure.

The video will serve as witness to an outstanding performance off both our fighters and that his complaints are totally unfounded.

Result England 2 Italy 0 FACT! Kerry-Louise World Pro K1 Champion.

Message from Master Cris Janson-Piers....The last 3 paragraphs would not have appeared should the Italian coach have accepted defeat gracefully! I have been in this game for over 30 years, I am an honest sportsman and work within many groups. Losses are hard to swallow, but it's a better person who can do that and then work on mistakes to make themselves and their fighters better.

Sunday 24 June 2012

With a full story to follow shortly.... 23 june 2012 at County Durham.

Kerry-Louise....NEW K1 World Champion, 

Wesley Fagan of NEKA BFKKO wins outright over 7 x 2 minutes in an International bout against Davide Gouriano from Italy.

The Golden Girl, Kerry-Louise wins every round on a massively wide points margin.