Thursday 6 December 2012

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Steel City Do it again!!

Well guys! I have got to make a statement today!

This Sunday evening the BFKKO/WFKKO sanctioned the Octagon Steel City has to be said it is one of the most elite and professional shows in Great Britain. We do have many shows run each ye

ar through the organisation too which come very near, but this one does seem to attract a massive and varied card.

The octagon does just what the name implies, it brings fighters from all countries, organisations and groups, styles and disciplines together under one roof.

The result is a great flagship. Paul Powers and Richard Hepworth, as promoters, stand proud, very proud!

Last night we witnessed some fantastic novices getting in the ring, the foundation for further growth in our sport and in the organisation! We saw some household names in prestige fights, which many could have been title fights just on merit alone!

Alex Mackenzie lifted the WFKKO European title belt under the hard hitting K1 Rules system after a hard fought fight against his French opponent. He administered not only his trademark sledgehammer body hooks but applied these to the face of his opponent too! The French fighter proved to be a very wise and well seasoned fighter and rode the storm each time Mackenzie put him under pressure. Alex impressed the judges with his cleaner stronger shots and his variation of attacking technique. Mr "Nice Guy" of the SDF Sheffield camp was certainly ALL smiles when he had the coveted belt placed around his waist!

Although not being a title fight, one fight on the night was already seen as though it was going to be the fight of the year and oh boy, it proved much more than that! It was a K1 5 x 3 minute round bout between the well known, rock hard, massively well seasoned, Christian Di Paolo from Sheffield and the new up and coming rising super star of twenty one year old Joe Mcgovan also of Sheffield. Joe, who trains out of the SDF Gym has had many wins by first round KO and some people wrongly questioned his capabilities and staying power because of this, these people had egg on their face even before this, his next chapter!!! Joe has travelled the World with myself on the Great Britain team, I have seen him grow and mature and this was to be his biggest test to date. Joe knows that it’s better to be fighting true warriors than having an inflated fight record by beating second rate opponents.

This is not a fight report it is my personal thank you to Joe and Christian for giving the World what it needed! You both put on the finest display of K1 Rules Kickboxing I have ever witnessed in my 30 years plus in the sport. This statement is not made lightly, it is fact and if anyone wasn’t there and wants to witness it then buy the DVD! We have photos, which also express power, pain, pressure, but most of all true sportsmanship and professionalism right to the very end!!
I had no favourites in this fight, I just had respect and a respect which has just increased for both fighters tenfold!

Christian you are a giant, not many would dare to stand in front of you in that form, you were a gent in and out of the ring. Chris could not only administer the massive blows, he was so conditioned even Joes best shots didn’t faze him. Totally in the zone you were K1 Rules perfection.

With one of the biggest name in Muay Thai Christian had to adapt to a new rule set in K1 Rules, but it also has to be said you and your coach had done your homework on the rules and your fighter and worked on a fight strategy that worked.

Christian your name will always now stay with me as one of my all time best fighters. I am proud to know you! Respect Sir!

Joe what can I say, you have never shyed away from anyone, your record against formidable opponents at 21years old is a record most senior level and aged fighters would love. Another guy with a great friendly attitude not wanting to appear to be above his station in life. Tonight might not have been the night when you won on the cards, but believe me son it was a win in furthering your fight repertoire.
You are respected by many and give back to the younger generation in your teaching and at such an age I believe you will be become one of the best fighters in the World and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Power, skill, speed, fitness and the desire to learn, Joe Mcgovan trust me you are going to be a household name!!! Those shots you put in tonight Joe would have stopped many, but be proud to know that you trod the canvas with Christian Di Paolo, one of our countries true Jewells, you gave an impeccable display, went the distance and made every spectator in the arena proud, my ears are still ringing from the noise of the crowd by the way!!!!!
As an organisation we now look forward to the Grimsby show next week another quality and prestige BFKKO show! (Leading by example).

Thanks to everyone whether you be a direct member , affiliated member or just a friend of the BFKKO/WFKKO, we are here for you "The People"

New fighters and promoters are more than welcome to join us next year!! 2011 and 2012 were our biggest years ever, what's 2013 gonna be like!!!