Monday 29 October 2012

Getting to grips "Officially"

On the completion of the BFKKO MMA Coaching course held at Powers Martial Arts Centre Sheffield on 27th October 2012 Executive director of the BFKKO, Master Cris Janson-Piers said…..

“I have just finished editing the video of the 7 hour Stage 1 course we delivered. I am so proud of what we have achieved as an Organisation. Mentors of our very own qualified instructors who administered the course and have been involved over the last 4 years, have been the likes of John and Lisa Higo, Tony Davies and instructors of Total Dojo and of course the one and only Ian the Machine Freeman of whom we are to be doing much more work with.

Putting a training structure
onto paper has been hard work over the years but look at the skill level it has now produced....clean, sharp, professional technique delivered by non egotistical registered and qualified instructors.

Three SDF Instructors, namely Alex Mackenzie, Shaun Weston and Paul Cropper all successfully passed the long course which involved practical and written testing, all assisted by their very own personal instructor on a private 1 to 1 basis. It was a long hard day and participants have to have a high level of fitness and a good understanding to even attempt it.

Because of their previous training and fighting experience in K1, seen as the stand-up side of MMA, the guys could concentrate on the solid MMA techniques of which they have also been very active in.

There are 3 levels to the examining procedure which means instructors qualified under the system can only teach up to a certain level of experience and techniques within a syllabus which relate to that level of qualification. Instructors will then attend further training courses to lead up to the next level of examination.

The opening of MMA clubs has increased rapidly over the last few years and this is when Cris became aware that a lot of clubs opening were being run by people with limited experience and in many cases by people who had no formal qualifications which could later become a massive liability risk. Saying that, there are of course clubs that have been run for several years by leading authorities and champions within the game.

When Cris, himself initially approached his own organisation insurers for MMA cover they refused until they had proof of full training of instructors, which in turn could guarantee regular risk assessment and a structured training and grading programme. There was also a very strict area of discussion which involved the training of children within the sport. (Now called “Combined Martial Arts” within the BFKKO and it’s registered clubs) Which has many restrictions and certain techniques deleted from its training programme, but it allows younger children to build up a framework of groundwork and stood-up skills in preparation for when they come of age and are able to start actual MMA training.

Cris quickly set about this and the system was passed and initially run under the WAKO GB banner until WAKO itself applied for Olympic/GAISF and Sport Accord recognition which meant they could only be active in certain areas in line with the application, so the officers then transferred over to the BFKKO and run the exact same system.

It has remained very successful and the BFKKO remain very happy they have now applied a system and format which has been officially recognised by insurers and of course other groups of martial artists. Although some may question syllabus and grading work within MMA, Cris remains satisfied the system has created a safer training environment and he is even happier that by paying attention to a restricted syllabus for children they too can train in this ever growing and popular sport in safety.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Massive success at 
Muay Thai Grading
Black Falcon Muay Thai 
Falcon Fight Academy witnessed a 100% pass rate tonight of all its Muay Thai students grading under Kru Kerry-Louise.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Kerry-Louise and Parn (Parnpetch Sitpapohm), when they met prior to the Muay Thai officials exam of which she successfully passed along with Shane Lynch, Luke Farmer and Jordan Waring, all of the BFKKO/WFKKO.

Cris Janson-Piers said "I am so happy, we, as the BFKKO have entrusted the examining expertise of Mr Tony Myers of the IBMTO, which in turn has allowed our members to achieve passes at the highest of standards. The organisation will now continue to work with the IBMTO and the UKMF to raise the standards of Muay Thai
within it's ranks."
Kerry-Louise returned to the Falcon H.Q. and the teaching of the Black Falcon Muay Thai club she runs as Kru.