Monday 2 December 2013

SDF at the Sheffield Octagon put on a splendour of a show!

Yes Paul Powers and Richard Hepworth yet again! Show the Kickboxing World how it should be done. Sanctioned under the professional eye and guidance of the BFKKO/WFKKO their December 1st show at the Sheffield Octagon went without hitch!

With a Fantastic finale of a GB v France International under K1 rules and 1 MMA bout, to be followed by "Mr Sheffield STEEL" himself Alex MacKenzie contesting the vacant World K1 Rules title against Frances Patrick Boyer.

Forcing a stoppage Alex MacKenzie proved not only was he a worthy World Champion but that the way the two warriors fought proved that a WFKKO World title is all it is recognised to be, hard hitting and a title that once held is one to be proud of and held high. Many a famous Champion has fought and won one of these titles!

World President Cris Janson-Piers said  "The French opponent was tough, he came out hard and technical, but I spoke to Alex before the fight and he knew this. I said what's your fight plan? He said, I am gonna let him come in the first round, take it on the gloves, lean on him and wear him down and that is exactly what he did.....when Alex saw his opponent slowing he fired up the 6 cylinders he had been leaving on tick over and went to work! I said at ringside, I must remember never to let Alex MacKenzie hit me! At ringside it is far easier to here and see the power in his devastating punches, especially his uppercuts...they thud in like a brick hammer. All credit to his French opponent who was hard as nails and very resiliant, but being hit like that time and time again can only result in one thing and that's exactly what happened, victory to the NEW World WFKKO K1 Rules Champion, Mr Alex MacKenzie and one hell of a nice chap to boot! I am proud to have such Champions lift one of our belts!"
Full fight night report will be issued shortly!