Sunday 28 February 2010

Well Done!!!

This years Instructors course and examinations took place on Saturday 27th February 2010 at Sheffield. The course was very well attended and we are pleased to say that people attaining new or upgraded qualifications were as follows.
Mat Gray Assistant Instructor Grade 3 (Karate)
Alex Evans Assistant Instructor Grade 2 (Kickboxing)
Leif Taggart Assistant Instructor Grade 2 (Kickboxing)
Jordan Waring upgraded to Cadet Leader Grade 1 (Karate)
Luke Farmer upgraded to Instructor Grade 2 (Karate)
The standard was, as per usual very high and everyone did really well.
Also in attendance were Senior staff, Glyn Smith,Tim Niblett, Shaun Gray, Kerry-Louise, Tony Willis, 
Martin Wheatley, Ryan Hamer and Michelle Gray.