Thursday 18 April 2013

Kickboxing, Low Kick Kickboxing, K1 Rules does the name matter?

From the desk of CJP.

All I want to see is the BEST fighters fighting the BEST fighters! There's too many organisations about these days to be worried about or decide which one is best! This very politically bound sport seems to create close working circles, which are sometimes harder to break into than a forts Port Cullis! 

Just by looking at our fighters web site at it is simple to see by their accolades they and I have been associated with most of the top organisations on many occasions over the many years we have been on the amateur and professional fight circuit and we still are.

It's not even about belts for me or like minded coaches, its about the most important things in the equation, the FIGHTERS.

Do coaches/managers push their fighters in certain directions or make too big a financial demand to try and make the possibility of matchmaking so difficult that the proposed matches may never happen?

I know that as a fighter myself, in the years that have passed so quickly, I wanted to fight the best and so do my own students now.

I have two fighters in mind who have more than proved themselves on many occasions and have both fought and won at world level, who are prepared to challenge any fighter who believes they are at the top of their game. 

Whilst many a fighter, who may be seen as an underdog and probably do not have much to lose are happy to raise a challenge it appears some fighters elevate quickly through media and then think they are too good to face real challenges that they do not have to travel abroad for.

Some of the blame lies with promoters too, who's interests are purely financial and see certain fighters as a monetary asset, which is understandable in some ways but it shouldn't mean they are locked into their grasp with ball and chain. As stated many of the BFKKO/WFKKO Champions are champions within ISKA, WAKO, WKA, etc and they are never questioned when contending for another organsations title or defence.

Jordan Waring (20 Years old)
Pro Kickboxing K1 Rules Style from 70-72kg 
Looking for any level at all under 21 years old.
Leif Taggart (22 Years old)
Pro Kickboxing K1 Rules Style from 62k -63.5kg.

Challenges welcome for these guys and any current fighter on