Tuesday 3 August 2010

Saturday 7th August Fund Raiser in aid of The Downs Syndrome Association

Saturday 7th August will see a fund raising event in aid of The Downs Syndrome Association which will take place at the Lyric Theatre Dinnington.

The doors will open at 11.30am and registered and recognised fighters will enter the ring on a continuous basis right through until the final bell at 5.30pm at night.

During this time there will be fighters from many styles including Boxing, Kickboxing, K1, Thai Boxing, Kick Jutsu, Grappling, Karate and MMA. These will all be looked after by International "A" class referees Phil Dews and Bob Taggart.

Amongst the fighters will be some of the best fighters and World champions the country has seen, it is believed Johnny Nelson, Junior Witter and other boxers will be there. Definitely in attendance will be World Kickboxing and K1 Champions Ryan Hamer,

Waine Turner, Kerry-Louise, Leif Taggart and more!

The object of the exercise is to raise as much money for the DSA as possible. There will be an evening event where fund raising will carry on until late, backed by lively music and a bar. (Evening entry is free but by invitation only!).

The BFKKO and Falcon Fight academy is no stranger to fund raising and is pleased to be associated and recognised by the DSA.

The last event was held at Bradford Bulls Rugby ground for
Impact Young Heroes

For full details of Saturdays event please contact Cris on 07973 748907.
Why not come down and support the fighters in the day, bring your cameras and autograph books!

All sponsorship donations should only be given to anyone who holds an official DSA sponsorship form.