Tuesday 10 August 2010

BFKKO Falcon Fight Academy together open new club to support three villages!

Star Kickboxing, as it will be called, started off in style tonight when over 20 names were registered after an open evening which included a demonstration by World Champions Leif Taggart and Kerry-Louise.

Children were also treated to 1st hand introductory tuition by this skilful pair assisted by their mentor Cris Janson-Piers.

The class will run weekly on a Tuesday evening and will provide a great facility for people in the villages of Scrooby, Torworth and Ranskill, plus the other neighbouring areas who find it hard to travel to such facilities normally.

Yet another success story for the Falcon and the BFKKO, even when some clubs blame the recession for low numbers! It's quiet simple...if you supply the quality you will receive the following of great students.

Feel free to contact Cris about this brand new club on 07973 748907.