Monday 30 July 2012

Kick Jutsu Grading...fantastic results

Sunday 29th July and the BFKKO saw the return of the Falcon Kick Jutsu gradings, the graders on the day were Martin Wheatley (one of the BFKKO senior instructors) , Molly Cooley and Scott Macdonald with Tom Shiels kindly volunteering to be grading partner for Martin, it was a fantastic grading with a very high standard, the grading started with 15 minutes fitness followed by grading syllabus work of stand up techniques to pads then throws locks takedowns and chokes. The belt's bieng taken were yellow and orange it was a tough two hour grading I am pleased to say that all passed with high marks, which is very good with the BFKKO's very high standards.

I would like to add that it is great to see a return of the kick jutsu gradings to the club and although the grading was small in numbers it is keeping the style within the organisation, hopefully we will have more people especially with the popularity of the MMA styles as I feel this is the grass roots traditional part of the MMA system. Well done to all graders.

Report written by Chief Instructor Glyn Smith.