Thursday 5 July 2012

Fahey in fantastic win

On Saturday 29th June Ben Fahey from Satori Martial Arts/BFKKO travelled to Sheffield to fight on the ISKA sanctioned AFK super league show against Yousif Ibrahim of AFK Sheffield. The match was made at -60kg with 3 weeks notice due to a fighter pull out. The fight is one that both camps have wanted for a number of years after they met previously when Ben was 13 and Yousif 16, which ended in a draw.

Ben as always started the fight strong from the 1st bell using well timed punches and low leg kicks as drilled by his coaches Jack Boas and Matt Spring. Ben used his clinch work well not giving the older Yousif chance to get back into the round.

The second round Ben again came out strong landing some big knees in the clinch although yousif was trying to catch the knee and sweep Ben, Ben avoided the sweeps infact putting yousif down with his own sweeping.

The 3rd and final round started with Yousif coming out very strong, as he had lost the previous 2 rounds looking for the KO. This plan though didn’t go his way as yet again Ben showed some superior block/counter combinations  putting his opponent quickly on the back foot. Ben controlled the ring and the fight throughout all 3 rounds.

Satori’s  Dean Robinson stated that "This was one of Ben’s best performances with a good mix of ring craft, skill and excellent sportsmanship shown from both camps". 

Ben would like to thank Dean, Jack Boas, Matt Spring and Lee Swaby for the intense training programme. Ben’s next fight will be at the WOMMA World games in August and then in September on Satori’s show on the 29th September in Lincoln. 

Photographs purchased