Monday 2 April 2012

Next Step Taken!

Kerry-Louise form the Falcon Fight Academy at Dinnington has taken the next step on her long journey through Martial Arts. 

On Saturday, World Professional Kickboxing Champion, Kerry-Louise, who is one of the country's highest graded females in martial arts, completed her Kru grading in the art of Muay Thai. This was taken after four years of hard study in this art form. 

Kerry-Louise spent four and a half hours of testing under Leif Taggart and one of the country's most respected Muay Thai Instructors, Philip Glover, who has also assisted in her private training over the last few months. 

The grading consisted of her firstly warming up and then performing her Wai Khru, the traditional way to show respect, balance and skill, followed by a strenuous fitness session. Padwork and practical work then followed before Kerry entered the ring for her sparring section. All this was made that little harder as Kerry is still in nursing a shoulder injury. 

But, being the stubborn type of person she is, said this was no excuse to stop or reduce her training, just to adapt it in preparation for the grading and the proposed World Pro K1 Rules Title fight scheduled for June. 

After a very slick performance of her Wai Khru/Ram Muay, Kerry-Louise's padwork on the grading was very strong and accurate. This was certainly helped by both Phil Glover and the well known Richard Smith of Bad Company Leeds, where Kerry-Louise also trains whenever she can. The sparring proved Kerry-Louise is not only capable but super fit after completing four hours of physical endurance, then getting in the ring to fight to end the grading! 

The presentation of certificate and the much sought after, red “Kru” armband, were made and Kerry-Louise was noticeably elated. 

Kerry-Louise said: “I am thrilled with my achievement. I have trained under Cris since I was seven years old, in all the various disciplines. When I said I wanted to push my K1 career as far as I could, Cris suggested Muay Thai so I had more armoury and even more importantly, this would to enable me to recognise my opponent's skills, as many Thai boxers enter K1 rules tournaments. 

"Cris wanted only the best instructors for me and he selected Leif, Richard and Phil. These guys with the mix of seminars and training, with some of the best Thai instructors in the World here in the UK and Thailand itself certainly were the right recipe!” 

Well done, that's some achievement.