Monday 2 April 2012

Norwegians travel to train at Dinnington

Trond Haugen and his partner Anne Mari recently travelled all the way from Norway to undergo private tuition from Master Cris Janson Piers at the Falcon Fight Academy in Dinnington. 

The first lesson was a full contact workout. This gave Trond an eye opening welcome to the Academy. This lesson was carried out in the general Thursday class alongside other students. 

The second lesson on Friday was a private pad work lesson. This gave Trond a great idea of how the techniques come into their own. This was a very intense session with many things to learn and digest. 

Saturday started off with a few hours relaxing around the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. This enabled the couple to unwind a little before the start of another heavy training session! 

The next lesson, later in the day, was a select lesson with all the instructors from Falcon Martial Arts in mid afternoon. This proved to be a session of very hard continuous work under constant pressure with plenty of pushing from the task master CJP. 

All the guys from this session commented how demanding this lesson had been. "That was one of the hardest sessions I have had," more than one person said. 

The day was topped off by a meal at the quirky Dog and Duck restaurant in Ollerton which serves beautiful food. 

On Sunday, Trond underwent instruction in K1, a style which he is not yet fully familiar with, but very interested in. This was a very intensive, hard working, hands on practial lesson, which allowed him to see the differences between the various styles. 

Many of the participants worked very hard in this lesson and came out saying they ached so much that "they couldn't feel their shoulders!" 

Before finally leaving for home, they both commented "We will return again, maybe next time with some of our students as well." 

Cris said: "Trond, as expected was a fantastic martial artist, very clean and precise in his techniques. He was willing to take on new techniques and advice and responded very well to all the training. Both he and his partner Anne Mari were a pleasure to have as guests and students." 

Cris was pleased to have them train with him as Norway is well known for its quality and skill within the martial arts world. 

While they were here, they stayed at the Angel Inn, Blyth which offers traditional food and ales. This is a place Cris uses a lot to allow his foreign guests to savour the taste of traditional Britain.