Tuesday 3 April 2012

Victorious Falcons! AGAIN!!!!!!

On Saturday, March 31 in a television studio in Norwich, fighters from the Falcon Fight Academy in Dinnington, showed their talents to the World. 

There was a live streaming on the internet, of a full evening's entertainment, by some very talented Martial Artists. The production company was MAaction . com 

The show was called "The Kumite". 

As the show went to air, Facebook and the internet was alive with messages from far and wide! 

First up from Falcon, was Robert Gronckiewicz. He put in a very keen performance to take victory with a points decision. 

He was followed by his fellow Polish countryman, Gracjan Zubicki, in his first K1 Rules fight in the ring. He looked strong and aggresive in the opening seconds. This didn't last as there was a scrappy exchange which finished with the Falcon fighter suffering a deep cut to his cheek. The Doctor examined the wound and would not allow the fight to continue. 

Next was the return to the ring of Leif Taggart, one of Cris Janson-Piers' most experienced professional fighters. This day had been long awaited by many. Leif took control early with a very clever fight plan. He put his opponent to the canvass several times with strong leg kicks. 
Shortly into the second round, Leif landed amassive kick to put his opponent on the floor for the fiunal time as the referee called a halt to the fight. 

The final fight of the night was a Wako Pro English title fight featuring one of the Falcon Academy's most popular rising stars, Jordan Waring. His opponent was Nathan Kirk. 

Waring entered the ring with his customary glove touch to the falcon tattoo on his chest. His opponent had a pre fight record of 9 wins from 10 fights. He had a big boxing background which Waring and his coach Janson-Piers, were well aware of. They had done their homework perfectly. As his opponent came charging forward at the bell, Waring slipped back and lifted the knee, launching his hips forward into a massive push kick which hit Kirk straight under the chin with an immense amount of power. Kirk tried to keep moving forward, but a combination of angled work and clinch interceptions, worked well in Warings favour! When in close Kirk was clinched, kneed and taken to the floor with leg kicks and sweeps. 
Kirk was put to the floor many times with powerful kicks and take downs. He was visibly in a lot of pain by the end of the first round. Having worked Kirk well again and paining the legs constantly, Waring sensed it was time to finish the job and in 1 minute 40seconds of the second round, Kirk knew it was his last visit to the canvas as Phil Dews, the Ref' stepped in and put an end to Kirk's suffering! 

Jordan commented, "We had a plan which worked to perfection. We knew he would be coming to try and knock me out. I have never been knocked out and didn't think he would be able to do it, even though he was a powerful hitter. I have trained hard for this fight and was able to show the World what I am capable of." 

A great evening's entertainment for those in attendance and the huge numbers watching at home. 

Plans are already afoot for another live show in the near future, featuring Falcon Fight Academy Martial Artists. That will be well worth watching! 

By Mark Baker